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  1. As you stated, you're dealing with a multi PC system and P3D software based on 10 year old programming architecture. You better learn to troubleshoot and accept the fact that you are going to have to do it as a flight simmer. That's just part of it, regardless of who puts your PCs together. Peripherals and third party software include errors and troubleshooting at no extra charge, as most simmers have experienced. As a long time customer of Jetline Systems, and satisfied owner of multiple Jetline flight sim PCs, I would have to speculate that your multi-PC setup is still a work in progress and that there are kinks that need to be worked out before it is "complete" ALL flight simulation PC builds. Considering that you dropped some serious cash on a sim build, even though Jetline works on projects much larger in scope and much more costly than yours, I would bet my brand new 6700k build that you are at the top of their priority list. It also wouldn't surprise me if they send one of the owners out to assist you in person to get your new sim operating smoother than a Swiss watch - should you seek help from them. I know that they have done this for customers in the past. Aside from building superior flight simulation platforms, Jetline is also known for supplying customer service at the highest level imaginable. Give them a chance to fix you up before you cry wolf on the internet. Having owned multiple Jetline PCs over several years, issues certainly arose with my systems that I didn't always know how to address. The guys at Jetline always fixed me up in a better than timely manner. As a frequent customer myself, I can vouch for those guys and guarantee that they will do the same for you. I can also guarantee that you will be blown away with your purchase once you're fixed up and simming on all 8 cylinders. Trust the pros to handle it and send us some screenies once you're giggling like a kid on Christmas in the NGX at FL350.