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  1. Hopefully. BTW I just found out that turning per pixel lighting on turns this flat blurry distant scenery into a bumpy blurry distant scenery, which looks a lot better. Mountains don't suddenly disappear, they're just blurry. Earlier, even if there were huge mountains behind, they would become flat. I would never figure out that it has something to do with lighting method.... But you all probably knew it already
  2. Thank you for the quick answer. I'd love to use HD Mesh Scenery v2 but I only have 4Gigs of RAM and I suppose it would kill my system
  3. Quick question guys - does LR update OSM data in their patches (roads, buildings, forests)? Or will the scenery change only after downloading from simHeaven for example? Just been wondering if the scenery changed from v10.0 to 10.25.... BTW - now when I know how those OSM sceneries from simHeaven work, I'm updating OSM map like crazy, mainly adjusting building height
  4. I will come back if they fix the drawing scenery issue. It's ridiculous that if you climb above 10K you see 70-80 kilometers of scenery and then flat blurry textures. Looks funny especially in the mountains such as Alps. You can see a couple of peaks and nothing else. They appear as you close in. This thing disqualifies X-Plane as a jet simulator. Looks great only from low altitude. Shame....