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  1. jrgosland

    PMDG and AES Question

    Sorry Dan My name is Jack Routledge. Thanks for your reply. I assumed that as I am using a PMDG product that someone else on the forum might have experienced a similar problem and could help.
  2. jrgosland

    PMDG and AES Question

    Guys have just installed the wonderful Queen of the Skies 11 but have got a problem when using AES for pushback. Aircraft is shuddering badly and using the AES repair feature is not making any difference. Any suggestions ?
  3. jrgosland


    Hi Guyshis then When asking the FO to start the engines, with the start sequence being 2 then 1, he says ' starting engine 2' then immediately says 'engine cutout '. the engine starts but when I ask for engine 1 to start, the FO has already put the packs back on and there is not enough air pressure to start this engine. Have I got my settings wrong or can anybody shed some light on the problem
  4. jrgosland

    Cpan on a network

    Great advice, will try this and hope it works Many thanks.
  5. jrgosland

    Cpan on a network

    Hi Byork Cpan is the Majestic Dash8 q400 Control Panel File. I've been trying to run this on my client Pc on my network but can't seem to get it to work. Anyone with any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  6. does anyone know if the Cpan will work over a network and if so how