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    Been flying X-Plane since version 3. I flew Graphsim F/A-18 Hornet 2.0 & 3.0 heavily. Dominated the top spot of the old 3.0 competition ladder for a couple of years. IRC #Hornet was a fun place to hang!

    Other interests are flying sailplanes & SEL, R/C flying, astronomy, and photography.
  1. PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    ...and all their airliners becoming available for X-Plane 11
  2. PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    The most uber~Precisely written Manual ever Developed by their Group of employees
  3. Procedures for Kai Tak

    useful? And chart below from cool page on old Kai Tak...
  4. [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    Well, if the devs had some sort of concrete data that was in agreement with my observations, maybe they'd be willing to take a chance. I think if devs offered a discount to those who already own their products based on reasonable criteria, that would sweeten the deal. Also, a poll to current X-Plane users asking if they'd buy their product if they made it. While the user base is currently lower, the percentage of that user base willing to buy a high quality airliner addon is likely high? But, I guess time will tell.
  5. [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    I do a fair amount of broadcasting my X-Plane flights on Twitch, and a common theme I see in my chat and other streams are comments such as "I fly P3D/FSX because I love my PMDG xxxx aircraft", "I fly P3D/FSX because I love my Aerosoft xxxx aircraft", "I fly P3D/FSX because I love my Orbix xxxx scenery", "I fly P3D/FSX because I love my Active Sky weather/clouds", and lastly yet still a significant factor, "I'd love to explore X-Plane more, but I continue to fly P3D/FSX because I've spent a TON of money on all my addons". Interestingly, the majority of the comments that praise P3D/FSX aren't really praising the platform, they are praising the addons. I suspect, based on my anecdotal observations, that if all of these developers made their addons for X-Plane, we would see larger hordes of pilots flock over to X-Plane. "If you build it, they will come." However, I would imagine it is a challenging endeavor for devs to take since it uses significant resources to create a addon that fully exploits the capability of the X-Plane platform, so they sit in the safety of where the money is coming in from. And who can blame them? Another suspicion I have is that if X-Plane is limiting something a developer wants to be able to do, Austin may not have been as flexible as he should be? Of course I have no proof of this, but observations over the years has me thinking this. Anyway, I do wish that PMDG would make a 744 for X-Plane, since the current 747 selection on that platform sucks. What a shame as it is such an iconic aircraft that many of us dreamed of flying since childhood. However, I refuse to buy P3D in order to fly the PMDG 744. Nothing against P3D so much, I just don't want to contribute to the marketing evidence suggesting PMDG not develop one for X-Plane. In the meantime I'll just continue to fly other amazing aircraft like the IXEG 733, FlyJSim 732, Rotate MD-88, and the Bonanza F33a and Baron B58 w/ Simcoders REPs.
  6. Would love this plane in X-Plane

    X-Plane is missing a "high end" simulation of the 747. It would be a home run as a first airliner release from PMDG. Fingers crossed here in seeing this beautiful beast in X-Plane 11 sooner than later!
  7. [03MAR15] PMDG's First Product for XPlane...

    I saw some beta flights on this aircraft a few months back. Nothing as of late. Can anyone share any progress on this project?