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    Been flying X-Plane since version 3. I flew Graphsim F/A-18 Hornet 2.0 & 3.0 heavily. Dominated the top spot of the old 3.0 competition ladder for a couple of years. IRC #Hornet was a fun place to hang!

    Other interests are flying sailplanes & SEL, R/C flying, astronomy, and photography.
  1. Torbinator

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    ...and all their airliners becoming available for X-Plane 11
  2. Torbinator

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    The most uber~Precisely written Manual ever Developed by their Group of employees
  3. Torbinator

    Procedures for Kai Tak

    useful? And chart below from cool page on old Kai Tak...
  4. Torbinator

    [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    Well, if the devs had some sort of concrete data that was in agreement with my observations, maybe they'd be willing to take a chance. I think if devs offered a discount to those who already own their products based on reasonable criteria, that would sweeten the deal. Also, a poll to current X-Plane users asking if they'd buy their product if they made it. While the user base is currently lower, the percentage of that user base willing to buy a high quality airliner addon is likely high? But, I guess time will tell.
  5. Torbinator

    [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    I do a fair amount of broadcasting my X-Plane flights on Twitch, and a common theme I see in my chat and other streams are comments such as "I fly P3D/FSX because I love my PMDG xxxx aircraft", "I fly P3D/FSX because I love my Aerosoft xxxx aircraft", "I fly P3D/FSX because I love my Orbix xxxx scenery", "I fly P3D/FSX because I love my Active Sky weather/clouds", and lastly yet still a significant factor, "I'd love to explore X-Plane more, but I continue to fly P3D/FSX because I've spent a TON of money on all my addons". Interestingly, the majority of the comments that praise P3D/FSX aren't really praising the platform, they are praising the addons. I suspect, based on my anecdotal observations, that if all of these developers made their addons for X-Plane, we would see larger hordes of pilots flock over to X-Plane. "If you build it, they will come." However, I would imagine it is a challenging endeavor for devs to take since it uses significant resources to create a addon that fully exploits the capability of the X-Plane platform, so they sit in the safety of where the money is coming in from. And who can blame them? Another suspicion I have is that if X-Plane is limiting something a developer wants to be able to do, Austin may not have been as flexible as he should be? Of course I have no proof of this, but observations over the years has me thinking this. Anyway, I do wish that PMDG would make a 744 for X-Plane, since the current 747 selection on that platform sucks. What a shame as it is such an iconic aircraft that many of us dreamed of flying since childhood. However, I refuse to buy P3D in order to fly the PMDG 744. Nothing against P3D so much, I just don't want to contribute to the marketing evidence suggesting PMDG not develop one for X-Plane. In the meantime I'll just continue to fly other amazing aircraft like the IXEG 733, FlyJSim 732, Rotate MD-88, and the Bonanza F33a and Baron B58 w/ Simcoders REPs.
  6. Torbinator

    Would love this plane in X-Plane

    X-Plane is missing a "high end" simulation of the 747. It would be a home run as a first airliner release from PMDG. Fingers crossed here in seeing this beautiful beast in X-Plane 11 sooner than later!
  7. Torbinator

    [03MAR15] PMDG's First Product for XPlane...

    I saw some beta flights on this aircraft a few months back. Nothing as of late. Can anyone share any progress on this project?
  8. Torbinator

    [03MAR15] PMDG's First Product for XPlane...

    I like what you are saying here, as I shared the same fear with Matt. My biggest hopes would be as you experiment with this testbed for achieving the greatest degree of realism your company strives for on the X-Plane platform, we then see your other fantastic airliners come to X-Plane as well. Then, as the dedicated pilots of your aircraft get to experience how these aircraft fly in X-Plane compared to other sims, more and more will come over to the Laminar side. Hopefully that would result in more people encouraging established scenery developers to jump on the bandwagon with them, where we could finally see an X-Plane world develop into its greatest potential, based on the flight model that the XPX pilots have always loved, the detailed visuals the MSFS pilots have flown in, and the best aircraft developers taking advantage of both of these aspects. Thank you PMDG for giving this a shot...
  9. Torbinator

    What are Approach VIAS

    Hello RKillins. I'm not familiar with the model you are flying and the exact context that is being presented to you, but it looks to be that they're asking you to consider the indicated airspeed as you're coming in. However, where we normally refer to IAS as indicated airspeed, it's putting it in a V-speed format. I'm giving you a link to a PDF I found when trying to search more on your question. Take a look at the example below the graph on page 5–3, which is page 3 of the PDF. Hope this helps!
  10. Torbinator

    Beech Baron B58 by Carenado in XP 10.25

    Hi SouthPawPaul and skully, thanks! skully, yes it is, in lower altitude hills of the PA area. I wanted to do a nice flight that required a lot of VOR work, so I took off out of the East Hampton airport in NY (KHTO), then flew east on V268-AVONN-PVD and shot the ILS RWY 5 into KPVD via the feeder from PVD. Did a quick touch n go, executed the missed procedure to FOSTY, then headed southwest on V16-ORW-V308-BOROS-V34-CREAM-V16-CCC-V46-DPK-V1-DIXIE-V276-ARD-V147-ETX-V162-HWANG-V170-SEG-V6-PSB. Besides being a busy route, its kinda scenic with coastlines and hills along the way if you have some VFR settings, even with generic topography. At this point I shot the VOR RWY 24 into KPSB in PA. Another touch n go, followed by the missed approach procedure. I completed a full circuit in the hold, then took the 22.3 nm feeder into the LOC RWY 6 at KRVL. When you do the procedure turn, it sets you up on a nice long localizer with a nice view of mountains on both sides. Well, more like hills I guess
  11. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. Figured I'd share a few shots. This plane is fantastic! The screenshots were with No HDR, flying in standard scenery, mesh, and sky colors. I'm considering upgrading those perimeters with some 3rd party options. Clicking makes em pretty HUGE Enjoy!