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  1. Did you ever gain progress with the G3X Touch project. I’m trying to find 3D bezel files.
  2. Did you ever figure this out? I have the same issue. Things I tried to remedy this is: 1. I tried unzipping the file several different ways. 2. I placed the 124thATC folder in the xplane/resources/plugins folder 3. I placed the contents of the 124thATC folder into my plugins folder directly 4. I redownloaded 124thATC and tried all of the above again. 5. I downloaded and install the C++ files that was recommended on another site. 6. I even deleted xplane, reloaded it from scratch and made 124thATC. My very first plugin None of these efforts have remedied the issue. If any one has found a way around this please post your fix. Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, I know this post is sort of old at this point in the game. I just wanted to let everyone know that I worked through this problem with the mindstar folks and the designer of my G1000 system. The problem was probably a permssions issue with the Leo Bodnar units software. My resolution of this problem was a circuit board that was designed by Tyler Noble and additional software driver that makes this system work flawlessly with the Hardware P3D and Mindstar. So I have it working fully functional now with the upgrade to my hardware. If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact Tyler Noble at Noble Flight Simulations. He is a Great Guy and is super helpful with a low cost G1000 unit for your home simulator. Thanks, Wil
  4. I agree. I'm available to help if any one needs it. Just let me know. Wil
  5. I had a revelation on my problem over the weekend. The reason my system was not working correctly was because of a issue in my encoderkeys.ini file. One part of my system was reporting USB port 2 and another was reporting 13. The other issues were the "window =" line in the ini file. When I put p3d or Prepar3D it did not recognize that. When I was experimenting with SIOC, I had Prepar3D running, and it identified the P3D program as "dVK." Here is the upper part of my ini file. Example of my "encoderkeys.ini" file [ Configuration file for USBKeys ] [ Multiples USBs ] MUSB=No [ USB Device number ] deviceUSB=13 [ Name of window for key send ] window = "dVK" Another key to getting it to work is to run everything as administrator. So I created shortcuts for the joytokey, encoderkeys, and P3d. I right clicked on each shortcut clicked on it's properties and forced the shortcut to run them in administrator mode. Once I did all of this, all keypresses started showing up as keypresses where before they did not. Remember I explained that the knobs were showing up in FSUIPC and in P3D control settings, but they would not work right and the keys were not showing up at all? Well, now all keypress show up. So since I am using P3D and Mindstar, the Mindstar g1000 equipped airplanes can now be programed through the g1000config.exe file. So I ran that file, selected the input output tab, and there are all of the g1000 functions listed for key press or knob assignment. So now I have 95-96% functionality of my G1000 system. I took it out for a VFR and two IFR flights. It works 4.0. Tyler has developed an audio panel also with upgraded electronics. He says the upgrade will make the whole thing plug and play. I'm thing about upgrading as soon as he gets the bugs worked out. So in review. Key Things to get Opencockpits USBKeys Board to Work with encoderkeys 1. Make sure you identify the correct port number of you USBkeys board. 2. Make sure you know the right name of the window = "of the time you are using" (and it has to be in quotes. 3. Run every thing in administrator mode. 4. All of these have to be present to work or it never well. Hope this helps somebody!!! If you have any questions let me know.
  6. I am using a full paid version and have been in consultation with Pete and he too was not familiar with the hardware I'm using. I appreciate your help Scot. I really hoped there was a work around because after reading the documentation for LINDA, it seemed to be the perfect solution. I appreciate your help very much. Thanks Sincerely, Wil
  7. Yea all of the USB boards show in device manager. I have tried it with and without the JoytoKey and the encoder keys. Infact, running Joytokey which is the driver for the encoder knobs (Leo Bodnar units) it does not seem to make a difference the sim picks them up with or without the driver. It's the opencockpits board that sends the keypresses correctly to the encoderkeys.exe file. When its running and you look for the keypresses with encoderkeys each key press shows up. But they don't show in the simulator or FSUIPC. I think it is in my encoderkeys.ini file where the issue is, but I'm not sure. The opencockpits board does not show as a HID device. So that is probably my problem with using LINDA. However, there has to be some work around to get it to work. Whether its with LINDA or some other way. Somewhere there is a disconnect between encoder_keys.exe picking up the key presses(which works) and transmitting them to the rest of the sim (does not work). Wil
  8. That's my problem. I can see the encoder knobs in FSUIPC, but I can't see the button presses. The button press are transmitted USB through a Opencockpits USBKeys Board, and the encoder knobs or transmitted USB through two Leo Bodnar Boards. FSUIPC and the Sim sees the Leo Bodnar USB inputs, but not the USBKeys Board inputs. It is electrically hooked up correctly and the encoderkeys.exe detects all of the keystrokes, but nothing else does. Any ideas??? Thanks Wil
  9. Hey guys, I have G1000 PFD and MFD Modules Hardware not Software. That I am trying to program the buttons and knobs to work in P3D with Mindstar G1000 addon. I have been able to get the encoder knobs to show up in P3D equipped G1000 airplane and in FSUIPC but the functions that they should be assigned to are not clear. In other words, Com frequency for example I should be able to dial in the com 1 or two frequency in standby and toggle them to active frequency. But it does not seem that P3D or FSUIPC handles those functions that way. At least not as far as I have found. FMS knob has same problem I can not find the function that it is suppose to be related too. Do they exist? The other problem I have is the simulator does not recognize the Key presses on the G1000 Hardware at all. They don't even register. A little about my system. The Encoder knobs are running on two Leo Bodnar USB joystick controllers. They register and are assignable, just can't find all of the correct functions and only 1 or 2 of them actually work in a Mindstar equipped G1000 airplane. But they do all register in the control setup of P3D and FSUIPC. The Buttons however work with an Opencockpits USB Keys circuit board and all of these registers as hardware keys with Opencockpits USB_keys.exe from opencockpits website, but the do not register in the simulator. So I can see the encoder knobs registering when turned in P3D and in FSUIPC, but I cannot see the Key presses. If I use LINDA can I get these things to work together in harmony and assign the correct functions to each key press and knob turn? The screens I already have the display bezels removed and have them moved down to my PFD and MFD screens. I just need to get the hardware working. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Wil
  10. Hey Ed, I wanted to let you know that I download MFSX-Steam edition. I fixed the registry issue where the add-on software noted multiple installs, and Mindstar installed properly. SO I believe the problem I was having with P3D was not anything we were think but 3.1 of P3D. I have Mindstar G1000 installed now in FSX-SE, but I get a Mindstar Gauge Error code 14001. Can you direct me to correct that? I switch to FSX because I could not get my g-1000 hardware knobs and buttons to work with P3D either after you guys manually installed in P3D for me. So I think this info may help you with future installation issues with the new P3D. However if I can get your help again with the 14001 error, I would most certainly appreciate it. Thanks So the error reads like this: 'MPI GAUGE':Failed to load SimConnect Interface DLL: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mindstar\Flight Simulator Addons\iSimConnect.dll Error Code 14001 Hope that info helps. The Auto installed worked and the Mindstar G1000 is installed in the aircraft I configured in the g1000 Configuration file. So I think Prepar3D 3.1 has a change that stops Mindstar from installing properly. Wil
  11. Mario did you every figure this out? I just download FSX-Steam and tried to add Mindstar g1000 on to it and I am getting the same error as you. Let me know if you found a fix please. Wil
  12. Hey Ed, I sent the email as you instructed. I will be out this evening and home tomorrow around 3:30 to 4:00 pm. Since I wiped my computer I will need your remote link software again. Thanks Wil
  13. I feel your frustration (and MINE ...) with this problem, and I understand where you are coming from. I do. I scoured the internet on resolving permission issues, and I found two ways to fix of permission issues. 1) File by file or by director where you right click on it an change permissions Full control, modified control, etc. I have done that to all of the files in P3D and with Mindstar. In fact, I went as far as doing it to my entire hardrive. It took quite a while for it to change all of the files. 2) I also went into my user account and under user account control settings, I put my protection to its lowest extent. I created a new user and formatted that account to it least protective settings and tried it from a different account. So if any PC is vulnerable to an attack right now its mine. I have a clean install with no virus or malware protection, I have down regulated all of the windows resources and internal protection that I can figure out. After, all of that I tried to install and config again and it was no different. The only thing I have seen that produced somewhat of a positive outcome, was when Stasi manually installed and configured the Baron Aircraft. But the problem is that that is one aircraft and I could not get rid of the bezels nor get it to show in 2D mode (to move it down to my hardware screen for the g1000). Manually manipulating the g1000.ini file to =NO for the bezel produced no affect. So I could not get it on my PFD and MFD anyway (The Noble G1000 hardware). I also put a forum message in the Windows 8.1 forum and explained everything as I have done with you. Hopefully someone comes through with that Ahha moment. That would be good for everyone! I guess if you tell me though that I cannot fix this, or there is nothing you or Stasi or someone at Mindstar can do to fix it, then I will just have to deal with it. I'm surely not trying to burn a bridge with you, but there has to be a way around this problem. Other programs I install appear to work? If you cannot think of any other remedy, then I will not bother you again. But there has to be a way around this.. Tyler Noble at Noble Sims is very interested to know that we are able to resolve this issue for the future of his product, because his hardware relies on the Mindstar product. I really do appreciate everything you guys have done for me already, and hope that we can get all of this working. Thank You Sincerely, Wil
  14. Well, got Windows 8.1 installed. Installed prepared 3.1 as before and then Mindstar. Still the same thing its not really installing just like with Windows 10. Are we sure this is not a Prepar3D problem instead of a windows problem. I installed the newest installer, I ran as administrator and ran the config file as administrator. Still there was no Mindstar G1000 installed in the airplane of any I configured. If possible, I would like to get the G1000 to install properly and have the bezels removed (the bezels would not remove either from the config file or manual in the g1000.ini file when I had windows 10 and P3D 3.1). Then when it is installed I would like to be able move those unbezeled PFD and MFD's down to my respective PFD and MFD hardware screens (when we got it to install in the Baron with windows 10 and P#D 3.1 we could not get rid of the bezels nor could I move it down to the respective PFD and MFD hardware screens). I'm not going to worry about the hardware knobs and buttons working right now, because it seems to much just to get the software to load and present properly. I don't know why I am having such issues. Could it still yet be Windows (8.1 and 10) or is it the new version of P3D? Please help me with this? If you guys just need to remote in again to fix it, I would really appreciate anything you could do to help me resolve this. If I go through the trouble to purchase and install Windows 7 is it guaranteed to work then? Thats if I could find a copy and purchase a key for it. I'm pleading for help!! Wil
  15. I but the bullet today and back graded to 8.1. I will try to start from there and let you know how it goes.
  16. Stasi did a manual install remotely last week, but its still not working right. Do you think I should use 7. I don't have a copy of 7, and have never used 7. I was an XP guy for a long time. Do you have customers using 8.1. That's what came on my system originally. I upgraded to 10 a couple of weeks before Christmas. By the way I did download the new installer and Stasi did also when he remoted me last week. I believe its windows 10 because I have tried and tried the configuration program and its like it does nothing. I prefer not to have to wipe my computer and reinstall Windows 8.1. I'm sure all of my hardware is going freak out and I will be tweaking drivers for a year to get everything working again. Let me know what you think. Wil
  17. Ed, I went in and tried to find the Mooney Line but its not present. Do you think switching from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1 would help me get over these issues of configuration with Mindstar? It seems that we would have to manually perform every desired function between Mindstar and Prepar3D (Like Stasi had to do a manual Mindstar install the other day just to get it to install). I tried the g1000.ini alterations noted on your website. I add in my G1000 hardware keyboard inputs for my hardware and it did not work(knobs nor buttons respond). Tyler Noble at Noble Simulations (who sold me the G1000 Hardware) suggested that I go to Windows 8.1. He thinks that will fix all of my Mindstar issues. What do you think? Wil
  18. Ed, I started working with the Mooney last night and it will let me put the PFD and MFD into my hardware screens, but I can't make the bezels go away. Still working on getting buttons and knobs to work. Do you have any ideas about getting it to work with the baron? I guess if I can figure out how to do this that I can get fix and use their C172 w/G1000. I hope because that is my primary real world aircraft currently. May be a Piper Arrow or a Cherokee in the future though. Those will be future projects for them sim. Let me know what you think of the bezels, buttons and knobs when you get a chance. Sincerely, Wil
  19. Hi Ed, I appreciate your response. Like I said above, I'm not sure that your Mindstar G1000 installed properly because it does not seem to be present. How do you know if it is running? Does it execute with the sim and run in the background? Is it a plugin that you would not know if it is running or not. I appreciate any help you could give me with getting this up and running. Thanks Wil
  20. Hello, I recently purchased a G1000 Hardware system from Noble Simulations in PA. It is a two video display with buttons controlled by an opened cockpits USB board and encoder knobs the run by two Leo Bordnar boards. I was trying to run it in x-plane with simavio and was able to get in partially working with that setup but several things would either not work at all or not work properly. Later I found out from Austin Meyers author and owner of x-plane said that there is no G1000 support unless you by his commercial version of x-plan and a professional simulator. So I tried for several days to no avail to get it working on x-plane. So the folks at Noble Simulations recommended that I try Mindstar G1000 with Prepar3D. So I read up on both of these pieces of software and heard very good things. So I downloaded P3D and installed. I found that it does not a have a Cessna 172 or 182 with it. So I downloaded A2A's 172, and installed it. Then I downloaded Mindstar G1000, and installed it. Then I ran the G1000 configuration file and set it up for the cessna 172 and could not get it to work at all. So I switched to an airplane that has a G1000 the Baron Twin 58 w/G1000. It does not work with that either. I'm not sure that it is working at all. How do you know if it is working. With Simavio it was an external program that ran separately but communicated with x-plane. I'm not sure if it is an external program, a plug in, or it just runs in the background with the sim??? I do not believe that it is working because I created a profile in the config g1000 file for the Baron and it does not take away the bezels on the panel. What is everyones experience with Mindstar G1000? How did you install it? How does it work? How do you know that it is working? Any help would be appreciated thanks.. PS: I'm using Prepar3D 3.1... Wil
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