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  1. bmd2_colo

    Affinity mask setting?

    This worked well for me- edited the cfg file to give me affinity mask of 252, as suggested by the post above, gave me ~65% load whereas I was only getting ~37% before. Thanks guys System is 4770K at 4.4ghz, 16gb ram, SSD, 2x GTX760. still waiting for the SLI patch!!! Awesome, thanks guys. Gotta love the forums Runs at about 25fps average, running everything pretty much maxed out, full shadows, etc. Seems to run smoother and loads a bit faster, in my opinion. The CPU is definitely working harder, for sure. Also, my GPU monitor is pegged at 100, which makes sense. SLI PATCH!!!! Screenshot of the FTX Juneau airport with Global, south Alaska, etc. Looks awesome, really impressed with P3dv2. Also Running the REX overdrive stuff. wow. Did I mention SLI Patch needed? lol