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  1. the7mcs

    The truth about FTX Global vs GEX World

    Hi guys Thanks to coming upon this topic I just saved myself some money. I was thinking about buying both GEX and FTX global not realizing that they pretty much do the same thing. Now I also had Flight Environment X on in my shopping cart together with Active sky next... do both of those also do the same thing and I should save my money just buying one of them? If so my combo would look like this I'd end up with a combination of Active Sky Next + FTX Global + REX Texture Direct HD
  2. the7mcs

    I have a question

    Wow... who ever you are thanks for the quick and detailed reply. I appreciate it and will do just that. I don't have any of the products and I'm just getting started on the whole flight sim thing so I have quite a lot to learn. I do have Active sky next in my shopping cart of things to buy so I guess I'll just pair that up with the REX 4 texture product
  3. the7mcs

    I have a question

    So I saw there is a product called REX 4 texture direct HD and another called REX essential plus with overdrive. Are these two completely different and would I need to purchase them both or is one just an updated version of the other? Thanks a lot for anyone helping with an answer.