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  1. DoTheCreep97

    P3D v4 Stutter Issue

    Hi guys, Thank you for your replies! I would just like to clarify one thing to make sure that we are all on the same page here. When I refer to stutters I am referring only to the stuttery movement of the camera when I pan around in the virtual cockpit. For example, if I were to leave the camera facing forward for the whole flight and not move it, I would have a smooth flight with no 'stutters' as with my current settings I am running the sim at a constant 60fps. I only encounter these microstutters when I pan the camera. Hopefully this clarifies my issue. I have a feeling that we may be talking about different things!
  2. DoTheCreep97

    P3D v4 Stutter Issue

    Hi guys, So I recently bought P3D v4 and unfortunately I am having a problem with these so-called 'Micro Stutters'. I am running the sim with a constant FPS of 59 (Limited Using Nvidia Inspector). My monitors refresh rate is 60Hz. I am not using any forms of V-Sync. Here's my problem: When panning the view in the cockpit it is smooth except for the intermittent stutters that are occuring. There is no screen tearing, however these stutters are incredibly annoying. They are not that bad, the game is playable but it is not as smooth as it should be. I just want to be able to pan around the cockpit smoothly without these micro-stutters. There are no other problems with the sim, I am really enjoying the performance improvement since I moved form FSX:SE. I simply don't understand why these stutters are occuring. I am using EzDok V2. I have tried fiddling with Nvidia Inspector by enable V-Sync, triple buffering etc. I have also messed around with the P3D V-Sync, FPS limiter and Triple buffering. I would really appreciate some help guys as this is really bothering me. I am just after investing €200 into this sim, just to be faced with this problem. Frustrating! FTX Global Open LC Europe FTX Ireland PMDG 737 NGX My rig: i5 4690k OC'd to 4.3 GHz MSI GTX 970 4GB MSI PC Mate MoBo Corsair Vengeance RAM 2 x 4GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD 1 x 128GB, 1 x 500GB