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  1. Yes it does unfortunately. I'm not first who has this problem, but i have never found a solution. The better card is already set to default. And again when there is no ENB there is no problem!
  2. I need help with this one guys!
  3. Hi guys! I've got a problem with possibly any existing enb. I have fsx on my laptop with 2 graphic cards - Nvidia 310m which plays fsx pretty good... and some kind of intel crap.So when an enb is installed, fsx does not show the better card, and can only open fsx by the worse one. When i uninstall enb the better card is available again. Any clue on this one?
  4. arthur8o

    ENB cause FSX not reading a graphic card.

    Somebody has an idea?
  5. arthur8o

    ENB cause FSX not reading a graphic card.

    Unfortunatly i don't think so. The Preview DirectX 10 is switched off. The performance is way worse, when the settings only shows intel, what means it actually is using intel instead of nvidia... Thanks for reply.
  6. I MADE TWO SAME TOPICS. NOT ON PORPOSE. PLEASE DELETE ONE IF NECESSARY. Hi guys. i've got a problem. I have asus laptop with two graphic cards. one ###### intel and nvidia geforce, which is ok for fsx, but when i install sweetfx or any enb, fsx stop reading the nvidia one and may only run on the ###### intel. It happens wih every enb. I'm begging for help!