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  1. MartinFS

    P3D+PMDG777+Oculus Rift DK2

    Well,you can't change the view so you are basically stack in the cockpit :-) to reach 60fps is impossible even with all sliders to the left.. If you want to do long haul with oculus you probably will feel sick at the moment,however I believe in time it will be possible to fly with it without problems.. And hopefully not to long.. :-) however as a test and first impression it's amazing.. I also fly dcs sim which have natural support for oculus and I can't imagine to fly without It.. Can't wait for this feature in p3d with full support..
  2. MartinFS

    B777 Frame rates on P3D

    Its just true
  3. MartinFS

    B777 Frame rates on P3D

    Nicely set vr-pilot.. Until then we have to stick to what we have and what is possible.. :rolleyes:
  4. Just tried yesterday after buying pmdg777 for p3d with oculus rift.. And guys.. I start up sim in OMDB Dubai intl. Airport on runway with engines running.Looking around the cockpit and is huge..I mean huge.. Checking buttons and gauges for a while just to see how readable are they.. Well not very much at this time cause of Oculus resolution,but Speed and altitude was somehow readable as the display with speed and altitude in 777 is quiet big..So lets take that baby for a nice ride around the airport and land back..Take off switch on the AP and just enjoying the view.. It is really impressive the scale of the cockpit,I felt like I am in real aircraft.. Heading back to runway for landing switching off the AP and landing manually..I really felt that landing.. It was amazing... Is oculus a future of flight simulation? I will confidently say yes..
  5. MartinFS

    B777 Frame rates on P3D

    I am dreaming p3d will add better management of cpu.. Otherwise to get system which can run everything max will cost me more then actual Flight simulator which pilots use to practice..
  6. MartinFS

    B777 Frame rates on P3D

    Overclock is still necessary in my case. CPU is still bottleneck in p3d as in fsx before.. Guess p3d have to still resolve this issue.. I am running my i5 3570k on 4.4 and is much better... Cause I like complexity and also visuals.. Without overclock is just killing my frames.CPU is working on 100% and my old 660ti not even on 60% so until p3d will use all cpu resources we have to trade performance vs visuals..
  7. Mr. Robert You don't have to be sorry about a pricing policy. ;-) it's been done everything what is necessary to support new platform (p3d)I believe. Some folks really need a lesson how development works and what it takes to continue making five star products To make us consumer satisfied. I own all pmdg aircraft for fsx and as I decide to move from fsx to p3d which is different platform, I really don't mind to pay again. But at first it was my decision to change the platform.. Folks who don't want to change they really don't have to. But they should not blame pmdg that they want to charge customers for changing. It's just fair.. Nice example with battlefield.. Keep up a good work pmdg and thanks again for expanding your development.
  8. MartinFS

    PMDG 777+Windows 8.1 problem

    Glad it works for you too..
  9. MartinFS

    PMDG 777+Windows 8.1 problem

    OK Guys, Submit ticket to PMDG got answer and problem is fixed. This is my solution from pmdg support. Try this: Navigate to this folder: <P3D root folder>\redist\FSX-RTM\lib Run the SimConnect.msi installer file inside the folder. Repeat the process in the FSX-SP1\lib and FSX-SP2-XPACK\lib folders. Hope will be of use.
  10. MartinFS

    PMDG 777+Windows 8.1 problem

    yes I believe,
  11. MartinFS

    PMDG 777+Windows 8.1 problem

    Thanks My p3d has its own ssd nothing is in program files but thanks for effort
  12. MartinFS

    PMDG 777+Windows 8.1 problem

    Hello Gens, I just got pmdg 777 for p3d v 2.4 and just tried to install it.However after installation and starting p3d all as admin btw. no activation screen is present.Then I load 777 and I am right in the cockpit. All black yoke turned full left and nothing is clickable.Outside view no landing gear visible.Just for record my UAC is off and no antivirus on my system at the moment..P3D is vanilla without any addons. I know pmdg is not promising that product will run in W8.1 but I know there are some folks who made it work.. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  13. Thank you PMDG. Time to take the baby out for a spin..
  14. MartinFS

    [08JAN15] Updated P3D Development Information

    Thanks PMDG for update,looking forward to take new shiny 777 for a spin in p3d very soon.. Keep up a good work.. Martin
  15. Thanks for moving to p3d Pmdg team.. I can't wait to try my first fly with T7 on this platform. You guys at pmdg rocks.. \m/