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  1. I've just started to use FSCaptain. Great product BTW. So far I've made 2 flights, but I experienced something weird on both of them. When I make touchdown and start to reverse my engines I get a "takeoff config" warning alarm set off in my iFly 737-800. I have flown several flights with FSPassengers, but I never experienced this before. I use TOPCAT to find out if I can derrate, but I never export payload and fuel from TOPCAT. That I use FSC to manage. Any clues?
  2. Hi there! I've flown FS9 for several years,but I'm still learning. Recently I've start using TOPCAT. Took a flight with Ryanair 737-800 from Liverpool to Kos (1600nm). The plane had 189 PAX and of course heavily loaded of fuel. In TOPCAT you're given the option of a T/O without aircondition, so I wondered what the procedure for that is? Tried to searched the web with no specific luck. Do you keep APU running during T/O and what about the packs? What position for the knobs do you use in the A/C-section? And when do you turn the A/C back on? Cheers.
  3. mrb666

    Gpu Card For Fs2004's a dual core AMD.
  4. mrb666

    Gpu Card For Fs2004

    I'm running FS9 on a SSD. It loads textures very fast. Like I said.. I get very satisfying FPS after take-off with almost everything maxed out. So I think my CPU is strong enough, but I suspect that the GPU could be a bottleneck when I'm taxiing around on those payware airports.
  5. mrb666

    Ultimate terrain USA Download

    No.. I downloaded it into a temperary folder on the HDD drive.
  6. Hi lads! I've tried to Google my problem, but I couldn't find a solution to my problem. :( I recently upgraded my computer from Windows XP Home edition 32-bit to a Windows 7 Home edition 64-bit. Also I installed a SSD which I installed FS9 on. And I did install it outside the Program Files x84 folder. Created an own folder just for FS9. Have turned off UAC also. Installed GE Pro on another drive via F1 tool from Flight1 which is on a HDD drive. Works Perfect! But, when I downloaded Ultimate Terrain USA I ran into trouble. :( First I downloaded ultimate-terrain-USA.exe file (10 MB) and after that the DDF file (1MB). The red icon in shape of an Aircraft was With the exe-file. Did exatly what Flight1 recommended. The downloading started and was finished at 1.1 GB, but when I tried to start the installation the red Aircraft-icon was gone and I got the Message that this program is not compatible With 64-bit and "Couldn't find "ultimate-terrain-usa.exe file" Someone experienced this? Best Regards from Mats
  7. Thank you so much for the information. One thing, though. If you install Orbx scenery, would it be necessary to install UTX and GEX as well?
  8. I think I'll choose XP10 before P3D but I'm not familiar with addons and stuff like that. LM have announced that P3D is not meant for entertainment and it never will be. Could be boring in the long run. Maybe, XP10 could develop programs like FS Passengers in the future? I'm moving out of my MSF comfort zone, and it's a bit scary.
  9. Hi there! I've used this forum several time to solve FS problems. Many people here with great experience and knowledge about flight simulators. I've been using FS9 for several years now on XP 32-bit. As time goes on I need to realize that change must be done. Always enjoyed FS9 better than FSX cause of the smoothness of flying. Now I planning to upgrade my system with Win7 64-bit system, i7 4770k, Z87 motherboard 16GB RAM, GTX780 videocard 3GB and 2x ssd discs of 256 GB each. And now for the sim plattform. Since I'm quite familiar with Microsoft FS I was thinking about FSX with ASN, Global OrBX etc. I'm a bit afraid of the FSX perfomance, though. Have read many topics about FSX not running great even with new and high-end computers. And I can't stand FPS drops and the simulator almost running in slow motion. Have seen youtube-vids and screenshots P3D and X-Plane 10 and I must say the graphics looks amazing. And both of them are optimized on 64-bit. The only thing is that I love the product iFly 737. I prefer 2D cockpit since that what I used of. Also I want a program like Fs Passengers since I don't like not having a goal for my flying. And for what I've heard is that it's not such a program for XP10 and P3D is not meant for entertainment. It's quite a dilemma. Should I choose FSX with all its errors and stabilityproblems, but great entertainment or should I choose a modern simulator where you just fly and nothing else?