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  1. ianwild

    Weather Accuracy - OpusFSX is Spot On!

    Hi Stephen, Would I be right in thinking that's for the PC version though? I was referring to getting this running on an iPad, which I've been trying to make work for ages. I'd got it running on the PC without Opus, but I never found it very realistic, and overall PlanG seemed a bit more practical. Now I can use Skydemon like I do in RW it's opened up a whole new element to my FSX experience (which Is predominantly training). Ian
  2. ianwild

    Weather Accuracy - OpusFSX is Spot On!

    Sorry for bumping an old thread, but just wanted to update that Skydemon now has an option to use Xplane, which happens to also enable using FSX with the aforementioned FSXFlight program. It's rather good. I love OpusFSX too, so will be interesting to see what that adds to the mix. Ian