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  1. Hello everyone,i hope im in right place as im looking for an advise regarding my 2500k 5.ghz oc. I am big fan of fsx (Microsoft Flight Simulator X)(recently running P3D V2.2.)been flying for the past 5+years on my amd x4 805cpu 2.5ghz and there were no options for oc at all,fsx run on average settings,but it always were struggle with fps especially when flying online,as fsx very cpu demanding,it requires fastest single core cpu,finally decided to take this pain off chest and manage to save for better intel system as follows: ASRock > Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 i5 2500k now @5.ghz vcore1.392-1.4 under prime95 560gtx twin frozor3 power edition corsair h80i in push pull(just instaled) samsung 840 evo 120gb ssd in ACHI (windows,fsx) WD. 500gb (storage+fsx addons) corsair 650w psu 2x4gb corsair vengeance ddr3 lp 1600mhz cl9 all that in Zalaman z9plus with 7x120 fans. I always been reading round forums and dreaming about oc for my fsx needs,but im still just a noob in this,i manage step by step to get my 2500k at 5ghz with vcore 1.416v at full load in prime 95 and 1.392v at idle i have set in bios cpu voltage fixed mode 1.4v and additional turbo voltage +0.08v,cpu pll set to fixed and lowered to 1.791v, Load Line Calibration set to level 1 and there is nearly no vdroop under load what didnt work with either of other levels. ive done 1hour in prime 95 with max temps of 59c 3hours of flying fsx with max temps of 51c.the chip seems to be nearly as golden Im very happy with this oc and im definetlly not looking for more,it even goes 5.3 with vcore 1.44(not stress tested),but this is usless as 4.9-5 is ghz more the enough for me and as per forums there is nearly no difference after 4.6 or 4.8,but ive wud like to keep it at 5 for fsx/P3D only. My first question as follows:how to set it from fixed to offset cpu voltage as i tried positive and negative voltages it dosent boot in windows anymore on any offset voltages,back on fixed no problems,i need this to let the vcore voltage drop when idle,as the cpu steps back at 1600ghz when not gaming i want the voltage back too,to stay on a safe side. Secondary if there is no way to get it work on offset at 5ghz is there any other trick to reduce voltage when idle? Ive had an other idea to make a second profile in bios one for fsx at 5 with current settings--other for normal use round 4.8ghz(vcore as required-round 1.32v),but this is not very comfy to switch between them some days even several time a day:( And finaly,if there is no way at all,can i keep it 5ghz at 1.4vcore 24/7 im wored abbout general tear n wear at 5ghz these silicon wears etc.been reading round forums how safe i am with these settings,ive seen some 2500k at 4.7 1.5vcore seems crazy high,but guess someone might have unlucky chip. Sorry for extra long post,but this is my first post within my time regarding my pc advice. will add some screen shots as well cpu-z,real temp etc. Thanks in advance. Regards Igors.