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  1. It took me a lot of testing find a good settings for my system. My 6900XT had some problems and no more stock was available, so I was completly... dead. Got a 6700xt but my system and monitor was built for the 6900xt in mind, with a 4k monitor still 60hz. So, high settings, nothing on ultra, 80% scale resolution from 4k, and vsync 30 FPS gives me an amazing experience. I really miss the 200 lods, 100 looks a bit bland on distance, but for me it really worth the effort. One setting that got me headache was the panels refresh rate, it was 8-10 FPS difference from high to low, dont know if this setting is CPU or GPU bound, so I keep it on LOW, as it gives me stutters with vsync enabled!
  2. I really don´t need more FPS, I need smoothness.. can´t wait to fire it up again after weeks in P3D, really hope for some improvements 😞
  3. Was on the middle of the flight between kewr-kord, 737-max, I went to the kitchen for some drink, 30 seconds, when I came back the sim was gone, no messages, simple gone, is the third CTD of the day, and never had a CTD in MSFS before, I find amazing that we are beta testing a product for 7 months, I lost almost 2 hours of my Saturday trying to relax in my sim, but sometimes is really hard to find time and energy to continue doing this.
  4. Until this gets fixed, I´m flying with vsync and 20fps capped, no stutters or pauses anywhere on the sim, did a KLAX-KSEA supersmooth, 20 fps is not ideal, but I prefer 20fps super smooth than a stutter party, guys, try it out, it works here.
  5. Is strange, I got the 737 max this morning, and did a test flight and all was good, 30FPS vsync on. Now I just did a KEWR-CYYZ flight and was terrible, stutter everywhere I almost shut the sim off, it´s not enjoyable. All online options was enabled, but it was also enabled on my test flight. Even switched to medium settings just to land correctly, but nope, all the same. In my case was FPS degradation+stutter. All on 4k high.
  6. Check this out guys. https://www.guru3d.com/articles-pages/ms-flight-simulator-(2020)-the-2021-pc-graphics-performance-benchmark-review.html
  7. Specs in my signature, 4k Ultra except lod at 100, motion blur off, DOF off and instrument refresh rate at low. I was with RTX 2060 on the same system, and got a 6900 XT now, and I don ´t have words to describe it, is truly amazing. Still amazes me the amount of VRAM the sim can use under certain circunstancies, did a short KPHL-KLGA on the caravan, and VRAM was on 15GB on the approach, I mean, I have 16gb, but I´m worried that when addons starts to get serious, 16gb will not be enough to get a perfect performance. Another thing is some stutter and texture blur, but my observations is that is a stutter caused by the texture loading, nothing was overload on the CPU and GPU side, I don´t know if can be my wifi connection or something, still have to try out. I can go down to High settings, but.... it hurts when I have a 1.300€ and 10kg of card on my system... 😄
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