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  1. Yes, time to retire them, thanks mate.
  2. Good morning, I'm getting started with P3d and its awesome, got cls 747 classic, quality wings 757 and the avro and my aerosim 777 and 747, my ftx global and rex td all working fine. But the simmersky package are working perfect, during installation i put my keys, the installer not detected fsx but i was able to choose p3d install folder all went fine. But vc are not clickable, nothing. The 2d panel is perfect. It can be a p3d bug or a product fault i dont know. Any one with this problem with this package or the same problem with other planes? Is there any workaround for this? Thanks in advance guys. Oh and i remember from fsx if you zoom out too far you lose the clicks but here i tried everything and nothing works.
  3. And KPHL is out today, another great AFCAD! Thanks
  4. Yep, i sent a message to him about LEBL airport, and weeks after that the airport was done! and is really fantastic, and a nice guy.
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