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  1. rubberduck_10_4uk

    About P3Dv4 Support

    Thanks for the reply, that is what I have done. Double clicking the icon,right click and open or run as admin(it is selected to run as admin), or direct from the folder all result in the same-no VA running. got fed up earlier so spammed the new va icon with the LMB and it did run, briefly managed to connect to it with my pad, then after around 30 secs with no warning the pad lost connection, and the VA had closed with no notifications & it would not restart at all. at a bit of a loss
  2. rubberduck_10_4uk

    About P3Dv4 Support

    The new va interface doesn't seem to do anything? I downloaded the new version. I click on it to start, it does seem to start as the 'do you want to run this program' warning comes up, but there is no VA icon in the task bar? If I click it again it doesn't tell me its already running just comes up with the 'do you want to run this program?' warning again. I cant open any options in the VA control panel as its not running and the connection on my pad times out? What am i missing?
  3. rubberduck_10_4uk

    re new update for the pmdg777

    updated to .8395, yet only showed up when I checked the versions on the OC, I didn't get a notification.
  4. rubberduck_10_4uk

    Pro ATC X question

    i don't think it likes being networked..... best regards Rubberduck
  5. Just thought I'd spread what I have learned using this combo, this is to get the flight plan and weather into the aircraft without having to type it all in as in real life Make sure the path to rex is set correctly in the options menu of PRO ATC x otherwise it wont find the weather. I start by building my flight plan in Pro atc, Rex is also running. Once the flight plan is finished I then export it as a fsx file and save it in the default location. I then click on FLIGHT CENTER in Rex, and check the real world weather checkbox. You will have already set up Rex to your liking following the instructions that came with it. Once in the fight centre tab I click on the right hand side Tab IMPORT OR CREATE A FLIGHT PLAN. Green button on the top right to import your plan, navigate to where your plan is and click on the one you want to import, after a while the plan will have loaded and Rex will have applied the real world weather to all your waypoints, with proatc and rex running you can now hit fly now, and rex will open up the simulator. Once in the sim, place your aircraft at the correct airport and gate to correspond with the flight plan, or import your flight plan, as you would normally. Start the flight (right click-FLY NOW) in Pro atc and create the flight plan for the 777. NOTE - You only need to do this step once, first time you load the plane up and change this, it will remeber your selections. When in the aircraft, you have to make sure the 777 datalink is set correctly. So once electrical power is on, and the fmc is powered, go into that and select the PMDG setup option. When in that menu select AIRCRAFT and then DISPLAYS, got to page 12, make sure AUTO PREFLIGHT UPLINKS - set to YES, AUTO ALTN LIST UPLINK - set to NO, AUTO POS RPRT DOWNLINK - set to YES, back to the PMDG SETUP MENU, and then select OPTIONS, SIMULATION, got to page 7 & click on DONT CREATE A FLIGHT PLAN until it displays CREATE FILE (WX.PLN) and that INCLUDE ALTNS IN PLN - is set to YES. Thats the datalink sorted, back out to the main menu. Go into the fmc now and setup the aircraft for flight as you would normally, now, once you are at the point to start entering the route, call up clearance delivery for clearance. Once this is obtaintained the flight plan will be available via the datalink. So you will have set up the POS INIT page with the gps position, put in the airport ORIGIN and DEST codes. Now you are ready to use the data link, so now click on ROUTE, you will now be on the RTE 1 page, click on Route request, and follow the prompts at the bottom of the FMC as the aircraft communicates with the 'company' for the route, once loaded the name of the route will appear in the co route, select this then activate it. You can now scroll through and see all the waypoints added in without all that tedious typing :smile: , now got to the legs page, and bottom right click on the RTE data, there is now an option to upload the weather/winds, click this and again the aircraft will use the 'datalink' to get all this info and input it into the fmc! You are now good to go with all you route data entered it will also load in all the performance data and cruising height, now you can finish off the preflight with all the data imported you can tweak it and sort any discons as you would normally. Hope this helps, :wink: Best Regards] Rubberduck