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  1. Hi Ross, Thank you ! It works fine ! I understand now; to be as realistic as possible, we have to "highlight" the standby frequency by pushing the stdby button (arcdu sidekey), change the value, and then swap the frequency by pushing the stdby button (arcdu sidekey). It works fine. I should have read the lvar list more carefully ... Have a nice day ! Cheers, Oliver Edit : When I tune com1 stdby frequency on the upper display, the lower swithc to the com1 frequencies, whatever its position (com2, nav1 ...). Is it the same for you ?
  2. Good evening Ross, i will have a look at this profile (i'm not at home for a few days). I think my transponder is Ok. i will check and send it if it works fine. cheers, Oliver.
  3. Good evening, I've bought the Dash 8 a week ago and spent a lot of time to configure my Saitek Radio Panel. I can change the com and radios frequencies ... But i can't make the StandBy button working ... Thank you for your help ! Regards, Oliver
  4. odrezet77

    Can't download last update

    I will try this asap; text file association works ... Who knows ? It may work ...
  5. odrezet77

    Can't download last update

    I've added my full name to my signature ... It should be seen now ..
  6. Hi, In my PDMG operation center i can see an uppdate available. However, i can't download it. Download start and stop one second later ... i tried many times, reboot my computer ... no way ... Any help about this ? Regards, Oliver DREZET Edit : installed version is 3.00.8377, new version is 3.008382 (for P3Dv4)
  7. odrezet77

    747-400v3, P3D4v, Landing Gears

    Chris, I'm not sure that it is not a PDMG specific question. The value for this event : gear_lever is 69632+768 =70400. this control should be 0 for gear up, 1 for off, 2 for gear down. This is written in the SDK. But it doesn't work. A friend of mine has the same issue... FSUIPC OFFSETs are read-only, so it won't work, OK. But PDMG SDK events should work ... Regards, Olivier DREZET
  8. Hello ! As i am trying to configure my Saitek Switch Panel (with LUA scripts), i meet some issues with landing gears. - When I send these values : ipc.control(70400, 0) or ipc.writeUB(0x65D8, 0) --> (GEAR UP) --> GEARS won't move ipc.control(70400, 2) or ipc.writeUB(0x65D8, 2) --> (GEAR DOWN) --> GEARS won't move Why ? Values are from officials PdF ... - How can i get the different gears status ? if one of won't retract, its light should be red, and not green ... I didn't found a value for this .. Thank you for your help. Olivier DREZET.
  9. odrezet77

    Crazy gauges ...

    Ok, I found the solution.: the decimal symbol was not the same on both computers. Set it to "," on both computers, and after a reboot, everything is ok now !
  10. odrezet77

    Crazy gauges ...

    I've tried with fsx and fs panel builder on the same computer. It works fine. My network runs throug wi-fi; i try with a cabled network tomorrow ...
  11. odrezet77

    Crazy gauges ...

    Hi there, I'm trying the demo version, to be sure everything is ok with my config. I have two pc and I have no problem with networking. Gauges are shown on the second pc, and are well connected. The issue I met is tht gauges are "crazy" ... Rpm always to max (3500) Artificial horizon always rolling ... AirSpeed wrong (even if I try to set it on TRUE) ... Is the demo version not "really" funtionnal, or am i misunderstanding the manual ? Thanks in advance for your help... Oliver.