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  1. Can't download last update

    I will try this asap; text file association works ... Who knows ? It may work ...
  2. Can't download last update

    I've added my full name to my signature ... It should be seen now ..
  3. Hi, In my PDMG operation center i can see an uppdate available. However, i can't download it. Download start and stop one second later ... i tried many times, reboot my computer ... no way ... Any help about this ? Regards, Oliver DREZET Edit : installed version is 3.00.8377, new version is 3.008382 (for P3Dv4)
  4. 747-400v3, P3D4v, Landing Gears

    Chris, I'm not sure that it is not a PDMG specific question. The value for this event : gear_lever is 69632+768 =70400. this control should be 0 for gear up, 1 for off, 2 for gear down. This is written in the SDK. But it doesn't work. A friend of mine has the same issue... FSUIPC OFFSETs are read-only, so it won't work, OK. But PDMG SDK events should work ... Regards, Olivier DREZET
  5. Hello ! As i am trying to configure my Saitek Switch Panel (with LUA scripts), i meet some issues with landing gears. - When I send these values : ipc.control(70400, 0) or ipc.writeUB(0x65D8, 0) --> (GEAR UP) --> GEARS won't move ipc.control(70400, 2) or ipc.writeUB(0x65D8, 2) --> (GEAR DOWN) --> GEARS won't move Why ? Values are from officials PdF ... - How can i get the different gears status ? if one of won't retract, its light should be red, and not green ... I didn't found a value for this .. Thank you for your help. Olivier DREZET.