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  1. I second that with regards to FSX version.
  2. jetset2014

    PMDG B777 Job Well Done

    Thanks very much, I like the abnormal checklist, I loose to fly AIrbus, the ECAM is great, but I think the B777 does it a lot better, and having the opportunity to use PMDG as an unofficial help makes it easier and more fun to learn
  3. jetset2014

    PMDG B777 Job Well Done

    TABS, thanks and fully aware of that, I was simply complementing the product, I am more of a picture person and seeing as well as reading the official approved manual makes life easier for me, so as you correctly pointed out that the training material I received in real life is overiding over FSX and PMDG.
  4. jetset2014

    PMDG B777 Job Well Done

    Thanks again, the CBT could learn a lot from the PMDG simulation
  5. jetset2014

    PMDG B777 Job Well Done

    Many thanks, I love the B777
  6. jetset2014

    PMDG B777 Job Well Done

    Hi I am great FS Fan and regularly view avsim, but never posted or registered until today, I have bought the B777-200LR/F and its simply stunning and very well detailed in terms of features. I am already started a B777 Type rating, and this has really helped so much, that when I turn up to the actual classroom all those manual makes sense and I can picture the system behaviour and interaction. I have shown this to my instructor's and they are impressed, they never really appreciated FSX, but seeing the B777 has changed there minds. Thank you to everyone who made this simulation, now back to the CBT Jetset 2014