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  1. John Harris

    Slow Climb

    Gents, Thank you for the helpful responses. With a few other flights, I realise it is entirely my fault (DOH!!)..I forgot to leave the aircraft to do its own thing in the climb, but started messing with the speed too soon I see from tutorials that you set V2 speed on MCP and leave it alone until after SID limitations etc, then altitude shud be increased by "intervene" Thank you for your comments..wish I was a little less dumb now rgds John
  2. John Harris

    Slow Climb

    Gents.. I am having exactly the same issue.My 737/800 climbs to about 20000ft -no problems- then, despite engines being at FMC climb thrust, it climbs at only about 300fpm..I have jacked up the v/s to 1500fpm and it resumes that rate of climb..Is the dreaded FSInn the root cause again here ? Also, I am not sure which weather button you refer it the main VATSIM button ao the WX button on the right hand side ? Rgds John..(bemused) :blink: