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  1. AI access, especially in the context of ATC. Currently trying to build (yet again) a better ATC experience. And I understand why not much has "stuck" - you essentially have to scratch everything that's built in and do it all from the bottom up, using crude methods to do so. * EDIT: Allow easier access to terrain elevation data: ATC (all of them, from approach control to enroute centers) have [this is simplified somewhat] a "minimum vector altitude" chart/display. FS seems to try to do something here but it's crude. Even adding the MSA values from the approach charts would be something. Still crude but saves me from having to do it. Having this data would save a ton of time. And it does't have to be exactly the same as they use in the real world. Again, MSA values from the charts would help - storing them so I can just read the values from the data files... A scripting engine would be nice but not necessary. Nice, for simple stuff and perhaps testing during development, but too limiting performance-wise. Ask your programmers what they would want. I wouldn't bother making tools: if you expand, and document!, the SDK then those tools will be made by third parties. Which, I guess, is the point of it all. Jeff