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  1. Thanks blueLemon yes your stick is different, but thanks anyway
  2. Hi Blue Lemon I'm not sure if you have over come your problem yet and I hope I'm not wasting your time here as I'm just a novice, don't get your hopes up as I don't know if this will help help with your problem but I did have a similar problem with my computer mouse and it turned out that I went into mouse controls on computer I changed the mouse to reverse action with out realizing it, soon as I found out to what I had done I just changed it back again...... Do you have just the hog stick as that is what I have, bought it without knowing if you can buy the throttles separately, I'm just a novice with all this controls and flying thing but I do love to fly the different planes even though I don't know what all the dials mean, perhaps you can help me, where do I find reverse thrust as not all the buttons work on my hog stick, not sure how to calibrate, would it be on my keyboard somewhere, I found flaps, landing gear,and a couple other things on the stick, it is frustrating, any help would be most grateful
  3. Could someone help me (me being new member and novice), I'm not even sure if I'm writing in the correct page here..... I'm using the Hotas Worthog stick only, (I am saving up but these things are expensive),.. it flies the starter planes ok so some of the controls work but some don't, when it comes to a more in depth plane with more controls I struggle, especially with reverse thrust like, where is it, I found this out when I tried to land on a short run way with a big plane by using just the brakes, I will get there, but need a little help as I don't think I'll learn this over night, but I'm really getting in to this flying lark thing but stuck on this reverse thrust button along with a lot of other things,...... little bit at a it on me windows 8.1 keyboard or will it be on the stick, I will say I haven't programmed the stick if that's what you call it so all buttons work as I don't know how to, but would love some help first, with reverse thrust....................keep up the great work lads and ladies
  4. Thanks Zoran looks a nice set up there and the saitek 55 looks good as well, thanks for the address
  5. Hi KlausW1963 sorry still not sure my self...but I don't need one just yet
  6. Hi Rockliffe Just thought you might like to know I Just ordered my 1st Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog but only the stick, will have save a bit more for the other part......let you know when I get it and try it out...just thought , hope I can get the other half without buying the stick,,,thanks for your help anyway
  7. Hi Rockliffe Thank you for your help and the your you tube help, :rolleyes: flying there now............... Thanks again...regards Kenn
  8. Hi Guys Can anyone suggest a decent Joy Stick to go with MSFlight x, I have the Logitech Attack 3 J-uj18 but it works one minuet then stops the next, really frustrating as I'm not to up on joy sticks to good, if you could send a link to one would be cool or any suggestions
  9. My Logitech Attack 3 J-UJ18 Joy Stick wouldn't work with M/S Flight, so I got someone to help with this (HP) they sorted it by me letting them get into my computer and doing it them selves (was quicker then me) they said it should be working now, when I tried it did not work, so not wanting to keep them too long on my computer I said I'll try it later and thanked them, later I tried it and nothing at first then going to tutorial on M/S Flight (well I am a novice) I tried first the mission, I was in the air when mission started and I pulled back on joy stick and it started going up, lovely!!!!, I had to close down because nature called and other things no! not that, any way an hour later I fired up MSF then in to tutorial and on to next mission.......Well you guest it nothing on the joy stick, Can anyone tell me why this has happened...regards Kenn