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  1. OK Never Mind I got me an old Mouse that has the Middle click in it working with 2 Mouses lol it would have been nice if it was a normal Left click or right click
  2. Good Day Need ur help on a silly Question I am new with the Airbus X Extended from aerosoft , I finally decided to fly other |Aircrafts and enjoy I have one problem I dont know how to adjust the Altitude I went on there website I looked on google every one says use the Middle mouse button ,, But I cant use the Mittle mouse Button coz Trackman Marble Trackball, my mouse is Like this Please look http://www.chairlines.com/Mice/Logitech-Trackman-Marble-Mouse So I ask you from your experience how can you help me please lol many thank
  3. Not my lucky week Ok First time for everyting I guess My ssd gave out Lucky me I have warranti monday the y look and see if they can save date Either way i get a new one still very sad coz i was set my set up was so good But i hadto fuxxk it up
  4. Thanks WR269 It looks Like my Luck ran out before i can even do i Flight ( my 3 days are up ) with work and house and wife I didnt get enough time So i am stuck in the Middle Many thanks
  5. Ok Guys I am having some progress after reading your Post But it looks Like i mad a small mistake or the MCE did i am not sure , As i was getting pushed back , i asked my FO to start the engines 1 2 3 4 but i think I did it in a fast matter because we Lost all our electric power and so on . The other thing that I am curious about is since the RJ85 has LNAV and VNAV do I just ask my FO to set LNAV or how do i ask this Many thanks I think i am getting somewhere
  6. Thanks to all Just got back from work i will use the script after i know now where to find them and give it a run will update soon, Just a Quick Note The video that I am talking about is the One on the main MCE website under videos I was repeating the same commands in that video and the Fo did do some work but half way there was many other stuff that the FO left out I will test again and update Many thanks
  7. Well he is my Little Store If you like to Know 2 years ago i Purchased the RJ85 from Quality wings and had many problems with it , so unInstalled it and got me the PMDG MD-11 and have been very happy ever since + I have the FS2Crew that works good for me with the M-D11 But some times i Like to fly to small airports where the MD-11 would look Like a ( sore thumb ) So i desided to install my old Aircraft and give MCE a shot I Must Admit the program runs smooth ( OS 7 64 ) But having many problems , and this is a combination of being new to MCE and also from not Flying the AVRO for 2 years I am still Using the Trail for MCE but having many problems with the Aircraft ( i dont know how to custome a checklist // I ask the co pilot to power up with apu On that is not working // i watched the Video that MCE provide on there website and said the same commands and that also did not work :( The co pilot is not doing every thing Like in the video AND i dont know what to do , should i get MCE or not I guess my real Question would be , Is there any one here that Uses the AVRO with MCE and maybe give me some tips or any recommendations to make things easy for me ?? Many thanks in advance
  8. Oh thank you But as you decent and startup topcat did you every run into being disconnected ?? i am getting disconnected and i cant figure out is is topcat or this stupid ACARS but most likly i will say it is ACARS as this is not the first time it has don this to me Or it could be opusfsx one of them is causing a lot of problems for me many thanks
  9. Thank you very much WX4JCW how do you work with the destination airport as far as runway example you are flying to EFFD and APP tels you------- you are clear for runway _ _ _ _ ? do u run topcat again ? what do you do to get the benefit of the landing tab many thanks
  10. Good Day I dont know where i should put my Question about TOPCAT but i think this is the best place to start I would Like to know do you guys start topcat before FSX or during ?? and also do you keep it running during the whole flight or just at the beginning to get the info you need ??? If so then i do i know which runway will be waiting for me at the other end thank you
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