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  1. thanks i think i ran into this on my last flight will test it and update many thanks for ur respond
  2. Good day this is very new and it has been going on for 2 weeks now every time i take off with or with out me hitting auto flight the aircraft starts to loose thrust some times it even hit the ground it looks like my speed thrust wont go above 193 ... even if i hit profile and autoflight can any one help thank u im using fscreaw for the md11
  3. thanks to both of u but no luck on this file no big deal i just love to get as much liveries as i can for my md 11
  4. the link and then where is the repaint please where can i download it ??
  5. hi well i have a similar problem i reinstalled my md 11 coz my fscrew was messed up so now i am up and running also have airac 1407 but i cant load any icao in the fmc or any company routes can any one please tell me where should the route folder be ??? for the pmdg md11 fsx ??? aslo should there be more then one folder for the route like maybe under appdate thank u pcubine ur an angel i just went back to airac 1406 and every thing is working many thanks i would never thought it would be this wow thanks man
  6. i just reinstalled my md 11 and now i have the same problem funny this never happened before can u tell me the solution what did u do to fix it ??? or are u still stuck ?? thanks
  7. i dont know but it seems to me that as2012 is much better then asn i am not sure but it looks like this
  8. having the same problem for 3 4 months now i emailed pmdg support they told me it was something wrong on my side then i discovered that if i put https it works but now even with https i cant get the website sorry i am typing with my left hand coz i broke my right hand last week
  9. i dont know what has happened but i also cant put the origin and destination every thing i tried i keep getting not in data base this is the first time this happened any help thanks
  10. I had a similar problem with my other Broswer next time u run into this . Try typing https it worked for me any way glad ur up and running
  11. I dont have the PMDG 777 But do Have the 747 and the MD11 and it looks like when I install both at the same time one works better then the other I dont know why but it is Like this as far as the heading do you have the Latest navi charts for you PMDG ?? u need to look at this sorry if this was not enough info or help ,, but this is what I can think off cheers
  12. How did u figure this out MR smart ?? Are u sitting in ur comfy chair thinking what to tell people what u think they should do hint if you cant help in in participating in the topic then it is best not to say anything Please dont assume and dont start something I dont have time to read this and wast my time
  13. OK Never Mind I got me an old Mouse that has the Middle click in it working with 2 Mouses lol it would have been nice if it was a normal Left click or right click
  14. Thats A good point are U adjusting your spoiler Macy ?? I also forgot to tell him that
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