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  1. Unfortunately being a poor student in my final year of an aviation technology degree means i cant afford to, so its the ever reliable FS9 for me! I managed to fix the TOGA switch issue last night Now if only I could get British/Irish voice pack I'd be a happy man! There is another thread started by yourself outlining these,( but where can i get them from? Cant see anything on the website. Or are they only included with later versions and cant be downloaded seperatley? I appreciate all the help you've been so far.
  2. where can one download these voice sets? I cant find them on the FS2Crew website!!
  3. I'll try find that somewhere now thank you! As for the soundpack, do you know of any others apart from the default one? its just I'm a Ryanair man, and the American pilot and cabin crew sounds dont fit in too well :lol:
  4. Hi there! Just wondering if people could help me on 2 little issues! First is on takeoff, I arm the auto-throttle, spool to 40% N1, but cant or perhaps don't know how to engage TOGA mode. I have tried CTRL+SHIFT+G which i believe it is assigned to in FS9 but nothing happens. If there is one part of the FMC I am lacking knowledge in is setting speeds and climb speeds etc. Can anyone help or explain this to me! Secondly, i see from posts made years ago that there is a British sound-pack for FS2Crew, can some re-upload it or send it to me? from what I've read it seems it was lost on the AVSIM library when it crash a few years ago. There are updates still on avsim library but the original file ( is not there! Thanks and I really appreciate any help with this fantastic product!