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  1. deepredson

    All aircraft in P3D v3 pulling to one side

    Only a few days old, so P3D v3 teething to be expected. My temporary solution is indeed to check Autorudder on in realism settings. This has sorted my A2A, PMDG and Aerosoft, etc. I still have everything else on full-to-right (sliders) for realism and anything else. Rudder pedals still work independantly, so, until there's a fix it will do for now. Any good for anyone?? Deepredson
  2. deepredson

    The AXE-man cometh...

    Thanks Richard. Even more testing. Good thing it fascinates us enough to do it. Deepredson
  3. deepredson

    The AXE-man cometh...

    Good day gentlemen and gentlewomen. I have tried to work out this Freezing AXE on P3D 2.2 problem since.. 2.2, actually. Stripping every add-on and mesh and whatever, only gave a temporary placebo result. Ok for a while, then frozen again. (down to around 0.4 FPS) Obviously I realize that Airbus X is not yet fully compatible with P3D 2.2, but why let a thing like that stop me? A solution which has so far worked for me and my partly ageing rig (GTX 680 4GB, and very overclocked AMD x6 3.4 MHz Phenom) is: 1. Disable or move your Airbus X folders into temporary folders, so you can quickly return to normal if this doesn't work for you(!) and 2. don't bother to un-install your installed version.. Just re-install over the top... 3. BUT not the 1.19 version or the ASC fix. There seems to be something in there that P3D 2.2 disagrees with. 4. The version which works perfectly (for me) is 1.16. Just as it is. PS. Mess about with configurator too, to reduce stuttering (see thread "Strange Stutter Problem" 31st May 2014) I'd love to know if this is of help. More tests needed. I have maxed-out settings for several hours at a time and only had one fatal error whilst multi-tasking during a landing at EBBR from EGKK With max Ultimate Traffic 2 working as well. (Migration Tool is a magic addon!!) Deepredson