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  1. DevilboyAce

    CS 757

    Is this the 5.0? I guess it's QW for now then. If only PMDG made a 757 T.T or QW made a new one along the lines of their 146 collection. Thanks for letting me know namco
  2. DevilboyAce

    CS 757

    I recently bought the QW757 but found it to be a bit to simplified for my taste (nothing like their 146 collection), so I went over to Captain Sim's website, and downloaded the free demo for the 757 although the demo was very limited it was enough to spark my interest; the systems simulation on the CS are way more deeper than what QW has to offer, my only gripe about the CS is I noticed it only has the classic/standard panel's, I tried looking for screenshots but found none, so can anyone tell me if the CS has a retrofit panel available. The QW 757 though lacking in depth it does include the retrofit panel's as an option, this is literally what's holding me back. So can someone please let me know if the retrofit (glass cockpit) available on the Captain Sim 757. Much Thanks.