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  1. I can assure you Android isvery smooth and surprisingly good with graphics. My only problem is I have no vertical control. Rudder (actually Ailerons) is OK but no up or down and as far as I can see no control for it. Very frustrating when as soon as you get airborne it develops an unnatural fancy for the deck. Am I missing something? The controls which are there all work well and even with everything showing the actual plane is very visible. I always thought tablets were lacking in the graphics area but this sim proves me very wrong. If I can get full control I'll be extremely happy. Although when attempting to purchase it I wrongly entered my password and I got an error, when I re-entered it I was switched to another flight sim and assuming I was on the correct page I clicked on purchase. No refund after uninstalling so I paid twice as much as I should have. I'll be watching the darned thing in future. :-)