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  1. I'm just WISHING MS would please, please, PLEASE include a detailed airport and city environment for Perth (YPPH) Western Australia. One of the most isolated capital cities in the world. It would also be nice if they did W.A. scenery some justice. It'd be nice if the beta stuff could confirm what level of detail Australia in general gets - not a big ask surely!?
  2. I just wish, hope and plead with Micro$oft to please, please give us some decent scenery for Western Australia, especially our airports! Perth, Jandakot, Albany, Busselton, Broome, Port Hedland etc. We've waited too long.
  3. Hi All, Been using the PMDG a/c on and off for several yrs. Had the B737NGX installed on my WIndows 7 PC for about 4-5 yrs now. Recently upgraded to Windows10 - doesn't work perfectly but good enough. When I started up my FSX for the first time in ages after the upgrade and tried running the PMDG 737NGX (had all the patches up to about a year ago) it keeps asking for my activation code (which I put in and it was happy with), after which I could never get the engines started (not sure if it was me, but I followed the proceedures I knew worked in the past - nothing just keeps spooling up but adding in the fuel flow it refused to spool up). But if I close down FSX and restart it after adding in my activation code (which it accepts) it then asks for it again - every time. Any ideas? Thanks, David
  4. Oh Dear,What have I started? It was such a simple question.I dont think that this would be difficult to do... cant see why boeing would complain about this when they havent complained about another FSX simulation of the FA/18F has been done in loving detail (surely it would have more classified systems than a modified 737?) by Vertical Reality Simulations (They should team up with PMDG and form one company, as the dedication, detail and expertise in both companies would produce some gear that would really Rock the joint!. :( Was all just food for thought, whilst awaiting the release of the NGX. I'll just use my imagination for now!Cheers,David
  5. Hi Ryan,Yes I guessed that there probably would be a fair difference. There is no doubt a fair bit of guesswork would have to go into it... The only info you'd be able to get would be that gleaned from various Aviation Mag articles as they come to hand. Which isn't a lot! Certainly not yet. Even so, a visual model would be still pretty good. As long as most people didn't expect to much (how could you if it was all classified)? The Australian Wedgetail that has been mentioned would be probably easier to model. Once can always hope that someone tries to emulate the variants eventually.Regards,David Nothing like a good "...knock up ... Job " :( David Nice Pic.Just wondering what the round ball thingy is hanging off the back bottom of the tail (back from the tailskid?). Is it some form of LLTV device?David
  6. Hi all,Great forums. I was just wondering if PMDG are considering doing an offshoot of the 737? The P3 Orion replacement - P8 Poseidon - would surely be a logical and interesting aircraft to quickly add on to. All it would take is a tweak of the existing flight model and graphical model surely? Would really make for a very versatile aircraft to 'muck about with' in FSX from our point of view. And given PMDG's attention to detail on the 737 and every other plane I reckon they'd do a damn fine job of any P8!.Just a thought :( Cheers,David
  7. Interesting Subject,Here's my contribution and experience.Bell206BBoeing;B707-200 (RAAF - Ex Qaintarse)B727-200737-200737-400747-200747-300747-400Mcdonnell / Douglas;A4T Skyhawk (****) RANDC3DC6DC9-30Fokker;F28-4000(?) (MMA)F27GrobG103a Twin AstirBlanik:L30 (RAN Gliding Assoc. ****)Sikorsky;S76C (ANARE; Antarctica ****)Aerospatial;AS350B Squirrel (ANARE; Antarctica)A300A320BeechcraftB34 Baron (RFDS)B200 King AirCessna:C150 Aerobat (****)C172 Skyhawk (****)C182PiperSuper Cub (****Lockheed;C130GC130H
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