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  1. Ala13_Kokakolo

    Razbam Metroliner Released

    Thank you. I have discover the problem with my tanks is because of the lack of cold start. I explain: What I did in order to have the plane in cold start was load a plane in that state and then load the metro. It seems the plane I have used had one tank shut, and this particularity is also "exported" when I load the metro. It is fixed now. I will try your mod tonight. Thanks for the work!!
  2. Ala13_Kokakolo

    Razbam Metroliner Released

    Hi all, I have been following this thread with interest. I have a couple of questions. First and most important, How does the fuel system works? It seems the metro is only using one tank. When I fly only one is being emptied and when it does get completely empty both engines shut down. Second. When I select an ILS in the Nav one i have to change to GP2 because GP1 gets ILS in Nav 2 and viceversa. It seems to me this is a bug or a problem in my install. Third. The nose up/down in the autopilot does not work. Does the mods fix any of this? Thanks.