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  1. nicker9119

    FSX help needed!

    Hello flight simmers! I've been playing flight sim for quite some years now. And in that time i've been collecting many add-on downloads and hard-ware to suite my flying needs. Only my problem is that every once and a while, my flight sim gets to messy with add-ons. Once this happens, the random crashes and freeze's happen. As you all know, flying realtime from dubai to heathrow, and having to coop with a crash right before landing, isn't always in the best interest of my humor. About a month ago, I felt the need to play flight sim again, so I uninstalled the version witch was on my computer and reinstalled everything i wanted to use, again..... Step by step, as it has been written down on the PMDG website. Unfortunately the crashes started happening quite fast after I reinstalled all my add-ons. So the last step I could do, is to Reinstall windows, and start from scratch, maybe then I am able to fly crash free again. Witch got me thinking, I've been to aviation shops more then once, and I see desktops, like mine, and some guy playing flight sim behind it to demonstrate some add-on software. But they seem to have found a way to get it all working without the crashes. So my question here is, what in earth's name am I doing wrong? So I have off course Flight sim X with the acceleration expansion pack. The CD box versions not the steam version. With it, I would like to install PMDG 777, active sky next, ezdok cam, Flytampa Dubai, uk2000 london heathrow, AES from aerosoft & my wish is to play it all in combination with FS2crew for PMDG 777. But I haven't yet bought FS2crew because I'am affraid I wouldn't be able to use it, because of all the freezes I get. My question to all of you guys is, does anyone maybe have the magic trick for me, to install all my add-ons and somehow, keep FSX still working? Thanks all for reading! and I am looking forward to your answers!