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  1. Rythegreat

    WX Advantage Radar

    Sorry for this long post, it's a lot of explaining. In the VC, no. You can replace other gauges though. You can't just add one. I'll break it down for you. When creating a FS plane, you use DLL files, and other files such as cabs and stuff. There are certain files that handle certain things. I can't remember which one does gauges as it's been a while since I messed around with it, I believe it's one of the DLL files. DLL files are compiled as far as I know. I don't know if there's a way to decompile them. Point is, when CS created the aircraft they used one of these files when adding gauges to the VC. The reason Rex was able to add a 2D popup is because those are handled directly from the panel.cfg file. For example, FllightDeck Sound FX Panel can be added to any aircraft by adding the necessary entry into the panel.cfg file. These are handled in the entries labeled [Window00] for example. Those are 2d popup gauges. VC however does have entries in the panel.cfg but they are added when modelling the aircraft. Most of the high quality addons have those 3d modelled. The difference is is that they used some coding to make them work. I'll give an example. FSX is a program, to make a program there's various programming languages such as C++. You do what programmers call "coding" in these languages. It essentially means writing the program. When you go to the VCockpit entries you can see that it has $ infront of the backhground. The internals of FS tell the plane that that gauge is a VC gauge and to load this reference in the coded files. Which is why you need the project files that have all the model data. A few freeware addon developers release their project files. Very few. Payware won't do this. For this reason, piracy. People could figure out the algorithms that make the anti copy system work and disable it. Put simply, you, the end user, can replace gauges in the VC but not add new ones. Believe me, there's plenty of planes I'd love to add a custom gauge too. Like the Wilco airbus's, I'd love to add MAP! from Feelthere in the cabin, but can't since there's no gauge to replace. As for the L1011 INS, it should be the same method except instead of WX entry you replace INS. However, this can cause problems. If the L1011 is programmed to use data from the custom INS that CS made, then if you replace it the program won't know to get data from that gauge. I ran into a similar problem trying to add an FMC to the 737. CS's newer addons seem to have a custom autopilot. Haven't found any info on that. I'm not 100% because I don't have the L1011. I thought about getting it last month but decided against it since I'd probably never fly it. One last thing, I honestly don't know how replacing a 3d gauge with a 2d gauge will look. I've never done it. I just learned how to do this from research and trial and error. Sorry I can't be much help, but it's just not possible with the way FS is built. Honestly CaptainSim's radars leave much to be desired. They use the a radar they built which has its limits. I don't think they've updated their custom radar in a while. Don't know on the L1011 but the 757/767/777 use the basically the same radar.
  2. Rythegreat

    WX Advantage Radar

    The 707 and 727 is possible I believe. 757/767 isn't because the radar is hard coded into the display, no separate gauge. Don't know about the L1011 as I don't own it. This is just a theory, I don't know if it'll trigger the anti-copy protection as editing gauges sometimes does, What you do, find the name of the guage of what you want to switch, this can normally be found by examining the gauge in the panel.cfg of a plane where it already is. Once you have the gauge name, copy it, ctrl+c is a shortcut I'll use the 707 as an example. Go to fsx root/simobjects/airplanes/cs_b707-300/panel then open panel.cfg in a text editor, I use notepad++ press ctrl+f then type in "wx" without quotes press enter until you reach the reference under VCockpit14. Under VCockpit14 delete the gauge name "Captain_Sim.x707.WXR!wr_display" and paste in the gauge name you found earlier. Ctrl+v is a shortcut. Should be the last mention of the phrase "wx" Ctrl+s to save it. If you're opening it in wordpad or notepad you may need to move the file to your desktop if fsx is located in your programfiles. Then you should be done, if there's no landing gear it means that the copy-protection system was triggered. This sometimes happens when editing gauges since Captain Sim's copy-protection is handled inside the gauge files. If this happens there's no way to fix it. Other than putting the old gauge back. As for the 757/767 you can't do this unless you had the project files used in creating the plane. Which you obviously don't. The reason you can do it on the 727/707 is because the radar is modelled outside the main display. This will replace the entire gauge. I don't have WX Advantage Radar so I can't test this, just explaining how replacing gauges work. You can't add a gauge the the VC because gauges are planted into the aircraft in a file when making the plane. You can however add them to the 2d cockpit by just adding a new line under the main cockpit view with the XY coordinates. If you do this I suggest using FSPanelStudio. I don't know how this would be done in the L1011. However, if the radar is separate from the main display then it should be possible with the same method. Edit: This should also be possible with the 737 if you want. Actually any plane with a separate radar. Possibly some in the main display if it isn't hard coded.
  3. I had a couple questions about the ILS on the 737 and the 757. I have had these for a while, and before I got a new computer had the old versions. Since I got a new PC and updated them, the ILS never works. On the 757 I've noticed a couple problems, the course dial indicator looks like 8s instead of 0s. I just assumed that it was nothing and treated them like 0s, however, when entering course to something like 355 for example, I can do the 3 and 5 correctly, but even if I try moving the upper or lower dials they do the same thing and move the same way. I'm using the latest version. The dials move in intervals of 10 making doing the 5 impossible. So I figured ah well no prob I'll try anyway. So I start my approach managing flaps, speeds, set autobrakes and all, then right as I'm at the airport the glideslope makes me do a random nose dive and right before I crash the glideslope then makes me do a crazy climb and I totally overshoot the runway. Also the glideslope warning pops up and I actually don't know what that means. I know what most of the other warnings mean but not that. I even tried a missed approach and went around to try again and it did the same thing. Also was using VoxATC haven't tested with my new addon or default. It did work fine with default. I don't think ATC would affect that though. Second question. How exactly is the ILS preformed on the 737? I recently got the expansion packs, haven't tried on the 200, that one always worked, but the 100, I set the course and nav1 and 2 radios, and as I'm within localizer range I switch on auto app, and the autopilot makes me turn, but nowhere close to the airport, I've tried on two separate occasions. The second time I turned on auto app right as I got my approach vectors but it just made me turn immediately when I'm not within localizer range. Also the glideslope works, but nowhere close to right, I'm descending and turning at the same time and no where close to the airport so I just end up crashing. If someone could tell me the basics it'd be nice.' One final piece of info, it all worked fine on default ATC. I haven't tried any of the other CS planes. I bought them all in last months sale. I am perfectly capable of doing manual approaches but sometimes I like flying in foggy weather and rain and such and it makes it near impossible to do that. I also like sitting in the passenger cabin and watching the landing from there. Can't do that on manual approaches.
  4. Rythegreat

    Aircraft turning right after landing

    One, I'm using the mouse yoke, I had an expensive flightstick but my cat spilled a cup of water on it and shorted it out... haven't felt like getting another one for that reason. Two, no aileron trim, I checked that. I'll try putting the trim. I'll also turn autorudder off and test. I'll have to do a full flight to test. I'm testing a new plane, I had the original Wilco 737, got the evolution a while back and forgot about it. The only save that is a boeing thats right before a landing is my PMDG, It uses the default 737 VC, but some parts are blacked out, including the pedestal, so I can't add the trim there. Will get back to you shortly. Main reason I keep the FS9 737 is cause I like planes with cabins. Even if it isn't as realistic.
  5. So... over the past few days I've had this problem... this happens on a number of aircrafts both addon and default... I first noticed it on the wilco/feelthere 737. Basically, after landing, manual or ILS, the aircraft is stuck turning right... but the nose gear is just going striaght... my first thought was the thrust was uneven, nope. Next thought was the rudder, I have autorudder on, so nope. Planes its happened on is Wilco/Feelthere 737 PMDG 737NG, the PMDG 737 is a conversion of the FS9 plane, its not the problem as it worked fine up until a few days ago. CLS MD-87 and 81/82 CaptainSim 757 Default 737 If you haven't noticed the pattern its mostly Boeing planes, my Airbus and Embraer planes work fine. Another thought I had was a hard landing, but I have realism set to the lowest, mainly because I'm not the best lander... even in ILS. Personally, I like to do this as a hobby and not have to worry about crashes and stuff. One other thought I had it that for some reason it was my add-on scenery. However, I tested it on the default airport and it still didn't work. I even tried landing an airbus in the same addon airport where I first noticed the problem, FSDreamTeam, KFLL, and it worked fine but any of the above planes don't. It gets really annoying when parking at the gate and during taxi. Could bit of help.. Thanks.
  6. Forget it. I don't think its possible. Ignore this post. I originally had the info posted here but removed it. Just gonna use captain sim.
  7. Rythegreat

    Problem With IFR Landings

    To be honest... the last time I did an entire visual approach was a while ago. ILS makes it easier. I usually just let it line up then land it manually. Works better that way. I landed the 707 fine. But thats a good idea about watching videos on that. Also... I've played fsx off and on since it was released. At first I had no idea what I was doing. Anyway. I only learned ils like 3 months ago lol. But I'll try a flight tomorrow or tonight. On a side note. Is radar contact any good? I kinda wanna try it and I suppose I could buy it. I heard good things about it. Also... I've been debated on becoming a pilot. And of course I know that you have that responsibility. Did a flight on a friends computer with FSP. That was interesting. I've actually tried that. Same deal. I use FSC since you can input real routes and such. You may be on to something. The only time I really have it is on wilco airbuses. I know wilco aren't designed the best. I just like the airbus series. Feelthere planes do it occasionally. I'll do a test flight with a captain sim plane and see what happens. Those are my favorite. Don't know why that never occurred to me.
  8. Rythegreat

    Problem With IFR Landings

    First. When it works it tells you to change to the tower after you descend and began Ils. That never happens. Nothing else comes after it tells you your 63 miles out yadda yadda yadda. It doesn't do it every single time. Also I used to fly without it. But as I said I rarely pay attention. So I end up missing the airport. I just get slightly bored sitting there. Yeah. I don't do it automated every time. It is more fun manually. But me being a bad lander is an understatement. Sometimes I don't realize how close I am so I end up doing a nose dive. Or I land on the taxiway. Also. I use planes with cabins and I find it fun to watch the landing from the cabin. Of course I've flown planes without full autoland like the captain sim 707. Did a flight from New York to London. So I had to land that basically manually. Well the final anyway. Those are more fun. Got way off topic. But you are rights. But atc drives me way off course so it's annoying to do that.
  9. Rythegreat

    Problem With IFR Landings

    Yeah I know it isn't realistic. But its easier for me since I rarely pay attention to the flight other than checking gauges and doing atc stuff. I usually watch youtube or netflix on my phone. But no I don't get vfr since I still have the ifr choices. Like changing runway and selecting a new ifr flightplan. Also... I haven't learned fmc's 100%... I know how to set it up and stuff but not anything more advanced. I mainly use FSC for flightplanning. I'll probably try vectoring later. After I sleep. Its past 5AM. The main reason I use IFR landings is because I'm a terrible visual lander. I like using autoland. Even if real life pilot rarely use it. Thanks for the reply though.
  10. This has happened multiple times. I do load fs plan at the beginning of the flight... flight goes fine... then when I get close ATC tells me to descend. So I do... then I get approach vectors... then I accept.. then thats it. No more instructions for that flight. The only instructions I get is to change towers when I get out of range... so I get no landing instructions. I just pass over the airport. I've tried everything I can think of to fix it. I end up giving up on a 3hr+ flight. Its happened at least 10 times. Don't tell me to get a 3rd party atc program. I don't have the money to spend. Also this happens with all my planes. Addon and default.
  11. Oh. Thanks. Didn't think about that. But for your question, yes that is from in FSX.I'm sitting at Philly. Edit: Read the EULA. Should be fine. Will upload. Also one thing I forgot to mention, this is for the basepack. Idk if the 200 has its own cabin. If so, it won't work. One other thing, the dreamlights turn off properly when you turn the panel lights off. Cabin lights are controlled by panel lights. Shift+L by default. Edit 2: I uploaded it. Name is dreamlights.zip.
  12. Hey... so this is like a mini project I did. I was tired of the basic lights on the CS767, and recently went out of town and the 737 I was on had dreamlights. So.. after much research and annoying recoloring I'm ready to release it. I didn't originally plan to but might as well. One thing, I didn't upload it yet because I didn't know if it would be copyright infringement... so if someone tells me its ok I will. Screen shot: Any thoughts? The windows have it too. The reason there's blue on the other bins is for shadowing. Easy to remove. This only happens at night.
  13. Hey. Simple question that can be answered with yes or no. Does the L1011 have a cabin? All the other captain sim products I've seen do. So what about this one? Never mind I found out.
  14. Rythegreat

    Question about the feelthere 737

    Cool. Thanks for the help. Got it working. Never messed with the customize aircraft thing. Thanks again.
  15. Rythegreat

    Question about the feelthere 737

    I know the two shift+e commands work. Opens the main door and front cargo door. But how do I tell GSX to ignore those doors?