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  1. Schnuupi

    Windows 8 - Joystick Megathread problem.

    Because its a useless and very unhelpful non-solution? I can't afford to buy FSUIPC at such a price just to get my joystick to not disconnect, a solution is not "Go spend money on this software so it just prolongs it." That is NOT a solution. I need a real one because I can't even alt-tab to another window without this issue. It seems to be when you leave the FSX window, staying in it is fine, lasts forever, but as soon as you Alt-Tab then it's lost and I gotta do the task manager trick.
  2. I have 1 activation left, and I'm just wondering, what about people who are moving to a new sim, ie FSX to FSX:SE, or from FSX to P3D. I hated FSX and worked like a nightmare on my new PC, lags, crashes constantly, so I forked out for P3D but I'm wondering if I can still keep my number of activations? I mean I don't wanna end up having to buy the thing again if I use my activations up, since that's kinda.. well bad business practice.
  3. I have the A320/21 shared cockpit and wondering if theres anyone out there wanting to do some flights, I'm in Europe, GMT+1 and I'm good for PIC and FO positions
  4. Um not sure what your trying to refer to but yes you an. Flight deck solutions make T7 parts same prices as the 737 stuff give or take a little, actually the T7 is less detailed since there are less controls so most likely cheaper.
  5. Yeah pretty keen to use them. My reason for a home cockpit is I cannot do the real thing (my partner doesnt like me being on planes) the only thing we conflict on. I'm sort of swinging more towards making a T7 since I love doing them but really not sure if I should take the time, means I'll only be able to do long flights on it. But the A320 is too "simple" for my tastes so really the thing I feel would be worth it the most is the 737 since it has the most to see and use in the cockpit. T7 would be nice but gives me less freedom, Dash 8 would probably be too hard for me to do. Probably gonna go for the 737 and then order most parts off of Flight deck solutions or cockpit flight sim. As soon as I move house I'm gonna start working on the frame, pc and the non-flight deck stuff. Already got a PC for using for it just got to get some more parts to increase performance. Going to buy a SSD drive to install XP 64bit and FSX on it's own HD and OS with only FS software to run on it. Already got a fast CPU in it, AMD 8350 at 4.2GHz. GTX 660 + 550ti hopefully that should be okay for performance.
  6. Nah it's still a screen to me and that's what I hate, being seperated from the cockpit, I want to be inside it. The closes non-hardware thing you could do is the Occulus Rift if it had good FSX support. I could build the parts myself, been considering getting a 3D printer as well which could be useful for the smaller plastic parts like dials or nobs. Other than that the other thing I thought of is trying to get retired parts, a lot of simmers have done this as it's sometimes very good deals. But finding somewhere with a retired Q400 is something else, I know Flybe have some retired Dash 8 from their old fleet and liveries. But contacting someone or finding them is something entirely different.
  7. For the most part I don't mind using any instruments (altimeters and such) they dont have to be from the Dash 8. And since the dash 8 has displays I can set up simple monitor displays with the 2D panel on them. The main problem would be replicating the pedestal, I could make it myself in theory because the Dash 8 has no auto-throttle so no need to install a motor.
  8. So as the title says I'm gonna start buying a home cockpit after planning what I'm gonna do. Question one is this. I've always wanted to build a Dash 8-400 cockpit because i prefer the smaller airliners, turbo props and such it's more relaxed and cosy. But after a while of searching I couldn't find anything for dash 8 hardware, instruments etc. The other one I'd like to do is either the A320 or the B737, both are equally available to get parts of but wondering which one I should go for. I prefer flying the Airbus but for terms of building a cockpit would it be better and more value for money to build a B737? Since it has more to it, so will be much more interesting and stuff. Thanks for any input!
  9. That's a confusing post if I'm honest. AMD cpu's are known for being able to achieve higher speeds than Intel. The 8350 comes stock at 4.2 or 4.4 GHz from AMD. And is open to be OC'd to 6.2 max in a standard bios. With proper cooling and power of course. Considering AMD CPU holds the record for the fastest CPU overclock, and come with faster speeds stock retail. All high end AMD cpu's come 4GHz+ as standard now. New ones are now up to 5GHz stock. Wrong. Absolutely incorrect fact, AMD 8350 comes 4.2Ghz factory clocked. Saw this thread on google as I have the same CPU and was wondering what performance I can get for FSX with it.