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  1. Windows 8 - Joystick Megathread problem.

    Because its a useless and very unhelpful non-solution? I can't afford to buy FSUIPC at such a price just to get my joystick to not disconnect, a solution is not "Go spend money on this software so it just prolongs it." That is NOT a solution. I need a real one because I can't even alt-tab to another window without this issue. It seems to be when you leave the FSX window, staying in it is fine, lasts forever, but as soon as you Alt-Tab then it's lost and I gotta do the task manager trick.
  2. I have 1 activation left, and I'm just wondering, what about people who are moving to a new sim, ie FSX to FSX:SE, or from FSX to P3D. I hated FSX and worked like a nightmare on my new PC, lags, crashes constantly, so I forked out for P3D but I'm wondering if I can still keep my number of activations? I mean I don't wanna end up having to buy the thing again if I use my activations up, since that's kinda.. well bad business practice.
  3. I have the A320/21 shared cockpit and wondering if theres anyone out there wanting to do some flights, I'm in Europe, GMT+1 and I'm good for PIC and FO positions