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  1. Hey Jack, No I didn't run into that issue but I also don't have FSX installed anymore. My experience is with a clean slate and a fresh install of P3D v2.2 I haven't had any issues so far with about 8 hours of use. Been practicing my pre-flights, start-ups, flight patterns and landings so I've put the plane through it's paces without any issue. Not that I've noticed anyway. Mike
  2. Some updates based on a fresh install of P3Dv2.2 A2A C172 Trainer - New Installer works without any of the listed work arounds in P3Dv2.2. Just point the installer at the p3Dv2 folder. OrbX PNW - Has a new installer (1.8) and works without migration tool. EMT may violate EULA (unconfirmed but thought I'd give a heads up since someone mentioned it to me). Master List of Compatible OrbX products can be found HERE A2A Accufeel v2 - Does not work with default installation procedure. Works with EMT though. Thank you for this list. It's been really helpful in my transition to P3D.
  3. Sub7th

    Landing Light?

    Hey jcmmg, If it helps at all, it turns out that if you disable DX10 Lights in Steve's it will fix the problem with the SR22's landing lights. I haven't seen a significant impact on the standard lights throughout FSX yet (though I'm sure it's changing something). However I still can't get the prop shine and window scratch effects back unless I turn of DX10 completely. Since my system gets buggy with DX9 I just deal with the loss. I'm still fiddling though, if I find the culprit I'll let you know.
  4. Sub7th

    Landing Light?

    Thanks Tom, That narrowed it down to either Lens Flare or DX10. Disabling DX10 did the trick. Not only did it fix the lights but also brought back my window scratches and my prop shine effect. Kind of a bummer since I paid for Steves DX10 fixer but I'll play with the settings and see if I can get the best of both worlds. Thanks for your response!
  5. Sub7th

    Landing Light?

    So I know this is a year old but I'm having the same issue as Tom with a new purchase of the Cirrus (which I assume is updated?). Was this ever resolved?