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  1. I can't tell anybody what to use, but the Realistic Skycolors by Abdullah Almuntassir is in the package and probably some HD 2 clouds for detail. It's the color of the clouds that the package is focused on. And the clouds blend together much better also. But YOU MOST USE THE DEFAULT shader, there is no need to use a hacked shader file. Now I've got a cloud bank I most go fly through so Have Fun..and enjoy. TomCat357
  2. Carolina Blue Skys are basiclly what you guys are talking about in this thread. Mostly default clouds with some slight detailing with some other existing cloud resources and slightly tinted to give a more real color. Then colored in the skycolors file as Murmur as shown. Every weather condition has it's own base coloring then the weather engine mixes them per real weather condition. It is frame rate friendly, and requires the default shader file. Using any hacked shader file will kill the results and the AWG file in the free tools will kill your frame rates as well. One more note, the Carolina Blue Skys are toned down from the bright vidid colors that Murmur has shown to more represent what I have recorded over the years but that is easily edited. I think that the weather engine that we have been kicking around for the last 2 years is more capable than we think. Have fun
  3. Just a curious question, has any of you guys downloaded Carolina Blue Skys???
  4. I m at the hp with wife so be a while, but how do you post a screenshot, can t find attach thingy
  5. The last 2 scripts are good, you can change the values if you wish to your likeing, if you use the last script to turn the shadows on, off be sure you rem out the --set( "sim/private/controls/clouds/cloud_shadow_lighten_ratio", 0.8 ) in the first script thats 2 "--" in front of the line Enjoy
  6. Why not try the Carolina Blue Skys, You just might like em.
  7. if ac_alt > ((cloud_tops_m0 + cloud_tops_m1)/2) * 3.2 and view == 1026 then I'm playing with this line to see if I can get a happy medium but it's so weather related the script works though
  8. Give me a sec I'm certain, there are more elegant ways to solve this I'll see your script and raise you one try this this ain't ideal because we have 2 cloud layers, but it works --shadow on shadow off-- --but when will I learn karate-- --shadow on shadow off-- local cloud_tops_m0 = 0 local cloud_tops_m1 = 0 local ac_alt = 0 local view = 0 function cloud_shadow_on_off() cloud_tops_m0 = get("sim/weather/cloud_tops_msl_m[0]") cloud_tops_m1 = get("sim/weather/cloud_tops_msl_m[1]") ac_alt = get("sim/cockpit2/gauges/indicators/radio_altimeter_height_ft_pilot") view = get("sim/graphics/view/view_type") if ac_alt > ((cloud_tops_m0 + cloud_tops_m1)/4) * 3.2 and view == 1026 then --you can set these two to your taste set( "sim/private/controls/clouds/cloud_shadow_lighten_ratio", 0.40 ) else set( "sim/private/controls/clouds/cloud_shadow_lighten_ratio", 0.80 ) end end do_sometimes("cloud_shadow_on_off()")
  9. Hey guys, I've gone the other way with the raleigh_scale and increased the blue and seems the be more my liking. You may or may not like it better but that's what this is all about, right.. The script is dataref("air_alt", "sim/cockpit2/gauges/indicators/altitude_ft_pilot","readonly") set( "sim/private/controls/water/deep1_b", 0.01 ) set( "sim/private/controls/water/deep1_g", 0.20 ) set( "sim/private/controls/water/deep1_r", 0.01 ) set( "sim/private/controls/water/deep2_b", 0.35 ) set( "sim/private/controls/water/deep2_g", 0.20 ) set( "sim/private/controls/water/deep2_r", 0.10 ) function set_skys() if air_alt < 3000 then set( "sim/private/controls/clouds/plot_radius", 1.3 ) --don't seem to hinder frame rate at this value, turn clouds down if it does set( "sim/private/controls/clouds/cloud_shadow_lighten_ratio", 0.8 ) set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/atmo_scale_raleigh", 10.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/inscatter_gain_raleigh", 2.5 ) set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/scatter_raleigh_b", 35.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/scatter_raleigh_r", 1.000 ) set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/scatter_raleigh_g", 6.000 ) set( "sim/private/controls/skyc/white_out_in_clouds", 0.5 ) -- set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/inscatter_gain_mie", 2.0 ) -- set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/scatter_raleigh_g", 2.80 ) end if air_alt > 3010 and air_alt < 6000 then set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/inscatter_gain_raleigh", 2.00 ) end if air_alt > 6010 and air_alt < 9000 then set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/atmo_scale_raleigh", 9.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/inscatter_gain_raleigh", 1.50 ) end if air_alt > 9010 and air_alt < 12000 then set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/atmo_scale_raleigh", 8.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/inscatter_gain_raleigh", 1.10 ) end if air_alt > 12010 and air_alt < 15000 then set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/inscatter_gain_raleigh", 1.00 ) end if air_alt > 15010 and air_alt < 20000 then set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/atmo_scale_raleigh", 7.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/inscatter_gain_raleigh", 0.80 ) end if air_alt > 23010 and air_alt < 26000 then set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/atmo_scale_raleigh", 6.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/inscatter_gain_raleigh", 0.70 ) end if air_alt > 26010 and air_alt < 29000 then set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/atmo_scale_raleigh", 5.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/inscatter_gain_raleigh", 0.60 ) end if air_alt > 32010 and air_alt < 35000 then set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/atmo_scale_raleigh", 5.0 ) set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/inscatter_gain_raleigh", 0.60 ) end if air_alt > 35010 and air_alt < 40000 then set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/atmo_scale_raleigh", 4.7 ) set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/inscatter_gain_raleigh", 0.50 ) end if air_alt > 40010 and air_alt < 45000 then set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/inscatter_gain_raleigh", 0.45 ) end if air_alt > 45010 then set( "sim/private/controls/atmo/inscatter_gain_raleigh", 0.40 ) end --We use these checks so we don't get a sudden change and the plane go all crazy and the passengers cry out cause the sky is falling,,,,oh wait a minute, that's what happens when the weather updates....:- end do_sometimes("set_skys()")
  10. I just checked with HDR off and it does make some difference, the colors aren't quite right, as for fps, I have a 7970 ROG and I stay around 40 to 60 in the air with clouds, sometimes 20 on the ground at a busy airport. But, I'm not at 3200x900, 1600x900 for me is all. That's lots pixels to fill..
  11. Any of the sky colors are good. They all have the same cloud edits. Let me know the .zip TomCat357
  12. Oh, I'm not sure what the HDR may or may not do, but it shouldn't bother anything, it's just clouds and sky.. I will check to see if I see a difference.
  13. ironmaiden Don't forget the clouds, thats the important one. tomcat357
  14. If there's anyone still reading this thread, I just uploaded some sky stuff to the .org, Carolina Blue Skys, give it a shot, you might like it. TomCat357