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  1. I just noticed that if I change to another airport I get a message in red that says "Ultimate Ground Crew X - ERROR! Windows speech recognition is not available for your selected language" And my selected language is English - US both for Windows and speech recog. /Christian
  2. For me it is Windows 10. And the settings for speech is:Microsoft speech recognizer 8.0 for Windows (English - US). /Christian
  3. In the UGCX manual part 2, page 3 there is a screenshot of a language selection. I never got that screen. I went through the options and just reselected the English-US. Never touched any other language. /Christian
  4. Hi, I tried that yesterday, same result. No speech recog. in UGCX. /Christian
  5. Hi, I already have my Windows set to English so thats not a fix for me. And as I explained before my FSLabs FS2Crew is performing flawlessly. Regards Christian
  6. Hi, I have almost the same log, but in my case the Windows lamguage ID is the same as the UGCX ID but it still doesn't work. Using the buttons it works but not the voice. At the same time my FS2Crew Flightsimlabs does work with voice. Loading CURRENT Language and Sound Pack... Stopping the voice recognition's engine... The voice recognition's engine has been STOPPED... Stopping Text-To-Speech... Text-To-Speech has been STOPPED... UGCX - CURRENT language's ID: [409] UGCX - CURRENT sound pack: US WINDOWS - CURRENT language's ID: 0x0409 UGCX - CURRENT language's Name: [English – United States] Reading all WORDS, PHRASES, VISUAL TEXTS, AIRPORT'S AREAS and ALTITUDES from the LANGUAGE initialization file... Reading the REGIONAL sound packs INITIALIZATION file... Loading the language's DEFAULT sounds pack... Loading CURRENT sounds set... Attempting to load the following sound pack files: D:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Ultimate Ground Crew X\SoundSets\US.xgs D:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Ultimate Ground Crew X\SoundSets\US.xwb D:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Ultimate Ground Crew X\SoundSets\US.xsb Sounds set LOADED SUCCESSFULLY!... Creating and initializating the stream... Setting the master volume... Starting the speech recognition's engine... Starting the voice recognition's engine... Language ID: 409... Creating the ISpRecognizer object... Creating the ISpRecoContext object... Defining the SR notification callback... Setting SR event types... Creating the ISpAudio object... Setting the input stream for the SR... Activating the SR engine... Creating the ISpRecoGrammar object... Loading the specified XML grammar file... An ERROR! ocurred, in the SR engine, error code: 0x80045003 ... Stopping the voice recognition's engine... The voice recognition's engine has been STOPPED... ERROR!, While trying to START the speech recognition's engine. Error code: 0x80045003 ERROR!, Couldn't start the speech recognition's engine for the CURRENT language's ID: [409] Total number of attempts made: 0 ERROR!, There is *NOT ANY* speech recognition engine available for *ANY* UGCX supported languages...
  7. Hi, After my initial testing where the ramp agent window did not pop-up, GSX relased an update and after that the ramp agent window have worked as is should. I have tried 4 or 5 times and it worked every time.
  8. The same is true for me. No word from the ramp agent. And I'm not on the trial but the registered version of both MCE and GSX Level 2. /Christian
  9. So I uninstalled everything, VFX Central, Chaseplane and removed everything that doesn't get removed by itself like folders and files that remains after uninstall. I then installed everything again and this time chose different folders than last time. And now I can get Chaseplane to start again. The strange thing is that is doesn't upgrade itself, instead it is stuck on version (I'm not 100% sure on the version number because I'm at work right now and can't check.) Everything else seems to work as it should. So for now my problem is solved. /Christian
  10. Hi, No I didn't change anything in my setup. Working one day and then next start downloaded the new version and after that same problem every start. I have tried reinstalling and the problem persists. I have a different Exception. Mine says: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" /Christian
  11. So, I emailed my Logs folder on thursday evening and after that not a word. I emailed again to hear if there was any progress, and no answer. I haven't had any problems with Chaseplane before so I don't know how active the support is but this is looking rather strange to me. If they can't be bothered to just answer an email and let me know if anyone is looking into the problem then that is just sad. I hope this problem can be solved soon since I have a program that is no longer working. Regards Christian
  12. Hi, Any news about this? As it is now I cant use my flightsim. /Christian
  13. Started Chaseplane today and it downloaded a new version (0.4.190 Beta) and now I only get the messeage "It looks like something unexpected occured. A log file will be sent to FSFX Packages automatically." And when I click OK I am asked if I wan't to restart and if I click Yes the same message appears again. Tried restart of computer and still the same message. Runnig both FSX and P3D v4.1. Worked just fine yesterday. Regards Christian
  14. Hi, I just bought MCE and I have flown the FSL A-320 pretty much. If you want a beta tester I am available. Regards Christian
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