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  1. Hello. Can anybody recommend a Cessna C208 Grand Caravan model that will work with the Mindstar G1000. I have tried to use the Carenado offering but not all features worked (engine output for a start). Else where on this forum it has been noted that Carenado software doesn't work with the Mindstar G1000 by design.
  2. petesk82

    G1000 Simconnect example

    It just makes life a bit easier for your customers. We don't expect you to write our software but a few helpful pointers would help smooth things.
  3. petesk82

    G1000 Simconnect example

    Yes, read that , but it doesn't give any SimConnect coding examples which would help.
  4. petesk82

    G1000 Simconnect example

    Stopped being lazy and re-read docs. this'll do it SimConnect_MapClientEventToSimEvent(hSimConnect , 0x11301,"#0x11301"); SimConnect_AddClientEventToNotificationGroup(hSimConnect, GROUP_B , 0x11301, false); then monitor SIMCONNECT_RECV_ID_EVENT in dispatch procedure.
  5. Hi All. I am using emuTeqs G1000 hardware and Mindstars G1000 software and via SimConnect I am sending to the software the various hardware button presses as events mapped to the G1000.ini. eg SimConnect_MapClientEventToSimEvent (hSimconnect, eventID,"#0x11001"); // one for each hardware button mapped to G1000.ini entries as doc'd & SimConnect_TransmitClientEvent( hSimconnect , 0 , eventID , 0 , SIMCONNECT_GROUPID_IS_PRIORITY_HIGHEST, SIMCONNECT_EVENT_FLAG_GROUPID_IS_PRIORITY); and everything works fine and the G1000 software responds to the button presses. No problem there but what I would like to know is how to read back the state of radio LED's if set up to be sent in the [output] section of the G1000.ini file. Basically I'm not sure what Simconnect functions I should be using when trying to access a 3rd party event streams. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  6. petesk82

    Elite Mel Throttle Quadrant for P3D

    HI All I too have a the MEL throttle Quadrant with the same problem as Paul. I have had a reply from Brian Jenkins at Ellite claiming the programmers are working on the P3d driver and promising it very soon. That was 2nd Dec 2014. I also got a similar reply in August 2014 claiming it'd be ready in about a month. I don't think they are very interested in servicing our needs. I would suggest sending the MEL back and getting a refund and spend the money on something that works. Or you could even have a crack at making your own , it'll be quicker than waiting for ellitte. Attach (several ?) linear potentiometers, and some switches/buttons to add your own case design and you have a product !