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  1. Thank you gentlemen...I will give this a try...Will keep you advised.....
  2. If any of you have had this problem and know how to cure it please let me know!!! I Just installed a Saitek yoke quadrant and rudder pedals... I use them on xplane 10 and work fine but when I try to use them in fsx the breaks won't release in any plane..... any thoughts??
  3. thirdwheel

    Joy-Stick Question

    I have just purchased a copy of X-Plane 10.. But have been flying FSX with a Logitech 3DPRO.Just realizing that both joy sticks are callibrated differently..(0r appear to be) Is it better to have a joy stick for each program or can they be made work together??? Unfortunately I am a newbie just learning computers as didn't start till late in life...
  4. thirdwheel

    Joy-Stick Woes

    Right now i am using a Logitech 3DPRO { i Know } would any of you folks care to suggest an upgrade that would do the job better and not break the bank, yet be functional for a long period of time. Hope this is not too much to Also thanks again for all the support you folks gave me in my last post, It's nice to know you have some support out there.AVSIM is a great community...
  5. thirdwheel

    Thirsty For Knowledge....

    You are 100% correct about flying the C172 only...that pretty much all i fly.Started trying other planes but soon realized that you have to crawl before you can walk even at my age....What would you suggest for my next venture???? Also interested in other single engine aircraft......Thank you for your comments and help....enjoying avsim to its fullest....
  6. Just retired and have been learning to fly with FSX....WOW what a wonderful hobby! Now the problem is that I want to learn all I can to make it more rewarding.But being a newbie with little experience in computers(other than searching the net)I an trying to find out where I might start.Are there any tutorials out there that will teach me how to find all my folders etc...Or am I doomed to only fly default aircraft??