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  1. Really just read the first page. It says it all.
  2. I don't give much. Last time je wrote shortly, thats now two months ago.
  3. Hi Morten, thats what I meant by haveing released two or three planes, payware ones. And maybe already a couple of freeware planes before that. Same could be said about your project. It'll raise the bar, for everyone including PMDG.
  4. You have to keep one thing in mind though, PMDG is around for how many years now? I don't know, a lot I guess. And in xplane we have developer which have barely release one, two or three aircraft, think of PMDG's first aircraft. And most of them do it as a hobby and not a full time job. What I want to make clear is that you can't compare xplane developer (FlightFactor, JARDesign, IXEG) with FSX devs (aerosoft, PMDG). This will hopefully change in the near furture, but it is something to keep in mind. FSX definitely has a head start, but we're catching up. Think of the A350, once I posted some pics on facebook, quite a few fs people started asking whether there was one in development for FSX. Or think of the B757, it's better than both available for FSX. This summer we'll probably have a high quality A332, noting even close in FSX. No to mention the IXEG B733... Of course there are addons in FSX, which we don't have in xplane, or at least not at the some level. To be honest, I haven't bough the B777, because if PMDG ever does one for xplane, it'll be much better. And I think, one can do quite serious simming already! The B757 is close to PMDG level!
  5. You do need to acknowledge that all the topics around us are getting updated except for this one. I don't know if anyone remembers, that the original announcement was planned for the summer last year. Then nothing for two months, no post indicating problems and that you guys need more time. Then this thread was opened with almost the same statement as the last, except a few little details. But nothing about any problems which are causing delays. There was just no communication towards future costumers, it would be cool to know where the project is. About the B733, unlike PMDG, there have been a few tutorials about the plane on youtube, blogs and many pictures about the plane posted by developers. You're right, I haven't flown it yet, but there have been a lot of information posted by the devs. They include their costumers in the development process. Thats very common in the xplane community. The hearth of the xplane community is at xplane.org. We have a section about airplane development notices http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showforum=6 And a lot of people were surprised that PMDG didn't make the step towards their costumers, rather making them move towards them, towards avsim... I ask you to please understand the frustration building up... If speaking out loud is considered trolling here at avsim, I'm sorry. Greetings
  6. This must be some kind of joke by PMDG. This is the only topic which seems to get no attention at all, just ignoring it. I bet IXEG will finish their great B733 before PMDG finishes anything for xplane.
  7. You guys should stop making xplane look like a small market. Right now it's the future. There is nothing close to it right now. And thats the reason I think it's a big risk not getting a foot in the door right now. Anyway, I think the flightsim market is the only one where one can treat future costumers like PMDG does...
  8. Well great news for P3D and FSX SE and still nothing for us. Which is really no surprise here. This is so frustating.
  9. You won't make PMDG comment on anything or have them develop faster with a comment like this... Anyway, I haven't bought the FlightFactor B777, because PMDG will probably make a better one.
  10. Sorry, but YOU are the one constantly talking about IXEG. I think I made it more than clear, that all my comments were on PMDG. The 737 was ruled out at their first plane. It was made clear, that the long term plan is to release the 737, 777 and 747 V2 into xplane. The first plane wasn't revealed just yet.
  11. Nobody really expects them to be one schedule. But communication could be improved. Especially since it'll be their first project. I also don't get why they have never announced anything at xplane.org. Thats where their future costumers are.
  12. I meant PMDG. It's not a big deal if you don't meet the time line, but a little heads up would be nice. Especially since it's their first project for xplane. They still need to prove that they meet the high expectations. After all they want to sell something to us.
  13. It's a little frustrating...one just keeps waiting and waiting for the promised announcements, but they take forever. "Shortly" is now a month ago.
  14. Sorry for forgetting the signature, but that has nothing to with being smart or not! Anyway. Looking forward to whatever comes out. Hopefully we'll get a nice preview soon
  15. So FF revealed that they are doing the A350 as a advanced model. Nothing said about a possible B767 pro model. On facebook it was confirmed though, that they plan to release two aircraft this year, one adv and one pro. So we're still waiting for that announcement. It could be that they are waiting for 10.3 to go final. It would make sense to aim the release based on 10.3 rather than 10.25, hence waiting for the final to sort out bugs. But if they haven't revealed even the project yet, they might still be some distance off. I think the 10.3rc1 is being uploaded to the severs right now, so we're getting close. But I don't know what the visibility has to do with releasing an aircraft.