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  1. Again I apologise for putting this in the support forum and I didnt assume you had any answers as I did not ask any specific question. Steve thanks for a great program but I am done here. Google and manual, if that fails then back to old school troubleshooting.
  2. Be Aware HD Shadows is set etc.... Diagnostic complete - no major issues found. Firstly I am not criticising your program or your manual..... My original question was if anybody knew of a good youtube tutorial. I have found the sweetspot for my General aviation flying, Im very happy. I also run a complex aircraft configuration with some of the FSX settings turned down. There is a lot more that I am willing to compromise with this configuration, if theres a FPS hit then I need to consider if its worth the hit. ie/ Airport scenery, weather..... In the option for my GA config, I installed most of your suggestions (There are some I still need to look further into) because I had FPS to play with. All I was asking for a better understanding via a tutorial so I can get my complex aircraft config looking as best it can without too much of a FPS hit. I didnt want to get into this whole troubleshooting, but when the author of the program replies to my request, I thought I was going to get a bit of insight into DX10 fixer, but before I know it, Ive fallen into the rabbit hole of troubleshooting FSX, AGAIN. But it is a learning curve and I do appreciate your input steve While Ive been typing this, Ive been continuing tests, I found that the FPS hit is only during the day, Ive completed a few test at night and the FPS are the same with or without DX10 fixer.
  3. This is where I get lost like I said earlier, disable what effects where. In the tests, I unistalled the libraries like you said, then all I did was test both GA and Airline without DX10 fixer, took pics, repeated but with only the libraries install, I didnt do anything else then tested again. What is seen in the MD11 shot with the fixer with the CPU is just a snat shot, I have all cores displayed only for testing but I can assure you that like all tests the cpu usage goes up and down constantly on cores 1-7.
  4. Firstly I need to apologise for originally posting my issues in your support forum, but im here now, legitimately lol. And thanks for your input. 1. GA DX10 Fixer OFF 2. GA DX10 Fixer ON 3. Airline DX10 Fixer OFF 4. Airline DX10 Fixer ON Above is 2 sets of comparisons, between each comaprison you can see that there is about 10 FPS difference between DX10 Fixer on and off. Now GA aside as the drop in FPS is not an issue, I would like to find a way to keep DX10 Fixer active with the Complex Aircraft but just get a few FPS back to make it more manageable. Any suggestions you have, or anybody else who has dealt with similar, I am happy to try.
  5. I have purchased DX10 fixer and see visual improvement across the sim in general. I run 2 fsx.cfg, managed by FSX Go, 1 for GA and the other for more complex aircraft. Now I am going to admit, I dont fully understand a lot of the other options in DX10 fixer but I have managed to get satisfactory results with my GA CFG. Im sure they could be improved. My settings for my complex aircraft on the other hand has went south fullspeed and I cannot get anything satisfactory at all. Before installing DX10 fixer in fsx dx10 I was getting about 25-30 fps with PMDG MD11 at a Uk2000 airport, now I am lucky if I get 15 fps. Now before someone jumps on the bandwagon and shaking their finger that its not DX10 fixer that has caused this, I am not saying it is or it isnt, what I am saying is not completely understanding the settings that I have set in my GA setup which work ok, they obviously dont work for my other setup. In the options, legacy, shadows etc. There are a lot of entries that I dont fully understand, 1. if I have that issue and 2. do I need to fix it. The manual helps a little as it clearly illiustrates certain settings but skips over others and with this fixer clicking and checking everything, while it may work in some senarios but not all as Im finding out. Any help with this would be appraciated especially if I could be pointed to a youtube DX10 fixer tutorial as I have found some but they are not tutorials in the loosest sense of the word.
  6. That definately helped me understand, thanks for the link. Im reading post after post about the difference dx10 fixer makes and I will probably need to get it, as it seems to fix a lot that im not noticing.
  7. Thanks for the response, I was hoping for a non pay solution, as i'm just back into FSX and having spent £££££ in the past and most of it is out-dated now, and I have just renewed my yoke and rudder pedals, Ill have to wait a bit or back to DX9. Again thanks for your time.
  8. After a few years of given up on FSX and no new flight sim in sight, I have reinstalled FSX and activated DX10. After just a few tweaks, I did have a smoother experience. So I did a few more tweaks, and then a few more. Yes I have a few lights issues and I have the grayed vehicles at night and the occasional blue texure flash. But nothing too disruptive that it ruins my experience. (Any ideas on how to fix these would be greatly appreciated). FSX runs surprisingly well. A few things that I have noticed that are bewildering me. I have invidia inspector set to frame limiter off and unlimited in FSX CFG but I max 30 FPS if I remove all the tweaks then my FPS reach 60. I know I need to go through every single tweak one by one to find it but thats a long process so I thought I would see if anyone else has experienced this. The other oddity but rather welcome one is, I think to do with nvidia inspector setting, I have FSX using on average 75% of my GPU but yes it will use 100%. I have never experienced FSX utilising much more than 25% of GPU. Now while I dont mind the FPS being at 30 and I certainly dont mind FSX utilising more GPU, these things are alien to me with FSX and was wondering if anyone can help shed some light on it. I am not new to tweaking FSX but I try and get a result with as few tweaks as possible, is this all due to running FSX with DX10. Appreciate any insight.
  9. One week on and an update: Having read the forum rules, I MUST be careful how I word this but I will be making myself clear in this following statement, as a customer of PMDG. Firstly, some of my preliminary testing above, albeit was done in a short period of time, is not exactly as I see it now after a week testing. I will review my findings later but onto the statement. Coming back to this SUPPORT FORM and finding that my issues have not even been looked at with a polite reply to say that these issues have been noted, this goes also to the ticket I submitted on the 12th, leaves me with bitter and distasteful feelings towards PMDG. I have over the past week managed to fix one of the problems listed above, having said that, everytime I thought I had fixed it, it returned and Im not completely sure why. Input from the SUPPORT TEAM may help in me understanding why. All I am prepared to say at this time is that ISSUE 1 has been stable for 48hrs now. No thanks to the SUPPORT TEAM!!!!! Now to address the issues at hand, The flickering screen, strobe like is probably more accurate, I have a son who has epilepsy and everytime I loaded the MD11, I had to ask him to leave the room. As somebody who doesnt suffer epilepsy, I can report that it gives me a splitting headache, especially when I have been constantly loading and re-loading. As I reported above that this flickering caused a drop in framerate, now I cant be sure that there was a connection, yet again all I can say is support would have been useful. The flickering mouse cursor, yet again thinking that these issues may have been connected, I have to report that Im not sure if they are, as this issue seemed to be intermittent and I could isolate a few things to minimise the frequency of it happening. Yet again if the support team was on board maybe both issues could be fixed and understood. We'll never know. My findings, as far as I am concerned with the bespoke system that I own are as follows: The normal panel, widescreen and undockable panel.cfg are incompatible with my Nvidia surround. While Im sure there are users out there that have had no problems who utilise NVidia Surround, maybe some input from you guys would also help. If I put my system back to one monitor, I do not and cannot replicate these issues. The read me in the undockable panel folder does mention multi-monitor, just so Im clear, Im working with that panel.cfg when trying to fix my issues. Now to the solution to what fixed one of my issues. Well I kind of answered it above. A major overhaul of the panel.cfg and by over haul, I mean the resizing of windows etc. I have fixed the undockable panel.cfg which now allows me no only to be able to fly with this aircraft but also to have more than one dock open. Pat on MY Back. Am I happy??, damn right am not, infact Im seething. I have spent over 50hrs trying to fix this and it wasnt my place to do so alone and its still only 50% fixed. I want this product so this is not going anywhere to asking for a refund, but I will be clear, no matter how much I want your other products, there are others that may not be as good but they do come with support and good support nowadays is priceless. PMDG your lose. Right now to all who want a PMDG product, think before you buy. I am 50hrs worth of my time out of pocket, lets see what genius in PMDG can come up with a suitable answer to not only this but everything Ive said above and any help for the other issue Im still having. I wont hold my breath. I am half expecting this post to be deleted because it probably breaches every forum rule, I will disclaim that I have, in my best effort and interest to those concerned to get my point across without prejudice. However this is something that needs to be seen in the public domain and I am prepared to leave it here and to be discussed here BUT if this does get deleted mark my words I will use every media at my disposal to spread the atrocious support that has been lacking. My final word has to be, when I purchased this product I was not allowed access to the download until the payment had been secured. Now that you have my money, all I can see are hoops in front of me and Im telling you, this man does not jump through anybody's hoops. Thanks for nothing PMDG, but I can now go and enjoy flying MY MD11, thanks to me, even though it gives me a headache when it initialises. I would also like to say that I do sincerely apologise for the sarcastic comments ive made but I cant and wont delete them. I hope that the public will see my despair. cc. PMDG support cc. Robert S. Randazzo (If I can find his email, maybe robert you could come and give it to me personally on here)
  10. I have just purchased the MD11 after many years of flying with the many excellent freeware aircraft on offer. I decided this year to take my flight sim experience to another level and started to purchase add-ons for FSX. The MD11 is my newest recruit as to say, and is my first PMDG product. At first glance, I am impressed with the attention to detail as I am with my other add-ons for FSX. However, I am unable to fly the MD11, the screen flickers while the aircraft initialises but this settles after it's completed its countdown but I take a massive hit to my FPS, around -20. The mouse cursor also flickers at a very fast rate, but the mouse flickering continues after the initialisation and that it makes it impossible to to accurately manipulate the knobs and dials. Obviously the pressing of buttons in the overhead panel and FMC is fine. I run FSX on 3 monitors with Nvidia surround and therefore can only utilise the 3D cockpit but then that is the reason for my setup, and cannot therefore use the 2D cocpit view. This is something that translate over ALL aircraft, FSX default, freeware and payware. I also installed the widescreen panel.cfg which made no difference. I do not have this issue on any other aircraft that I have (tested them all) or have I seen anything like this on any other aircraft. One other issue I am experiencing is when I close FSX down, I get an error message saying MSFS has stopped working...etc. To add, I have NEVER had that error before when closing FSX. I have done extensive searching on this issue and have found several users with similar, but yet to find a solution, therefore I am regrettably but obligated to report this issue in the hope that PMDG or other users may have came across this and have a solution. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you need any other info then please let me know. Edit: I have tested this with Nvidia Surround OFF and there is no change with the flickering. All other aircraft are fine and because I went back to a single screen, 2D cockpits were available....as I would have expected.