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  1. herceng

    What does Yaw Damper do in FSX?

    I think in fsx rudder input on the ground is bypassed since the same control is used for steering/nose wheel input. Even with out rudder on, there is no controllable rudder in flight but as soon as you get on the ground it works to steer. Just my observation thus far. On C-130's it was off for takeoff/landing, otherwise minimal rudder control which could cause control difficulties to overcome p-factor, etc Also the rudder wont do anything until 60+ knots! that's why pilot will have one hand on the nose wheel steering and one I. The throttle until the rudder becomes 'effective' Once the rudder is effective they will transition to the yoke/throttles
  2. herceng

    What does Yaw Damper do in FSX?

    Disable auto rudder in the realism settings. In the real world flying C-130's if we left in on we had very little rudder control.
  3. herceng

    FSX Won't Install

    Same here even wiped my PC last night just to fine the same problem today... Must be something with the new windows update causing it to hang on remove applications during the install. Everything else that uses install shield is fine though. Glad to see some if you got it. We'll now it's installing... I found it didn't hang on removing apps as long after copying the DVDs to an external hard drive and installing from there... My relationship with fsx is truly love/hate