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  1. bobcat2

    JS4100 flap problem

    Thanks to R Hardman and ckyliu for your prompt suggestions. I tried redoing the settings thing for the umpteenth time. I don't know what i managed to fix but the darn thing works now. Hopefully it will continue to work. Bugs sometimes are evasive and suddenly after trying several to fix things several times it starts working, go figure!! Anyway, i appreciate your replies, blue skies to you. By the way. Cheers, Bob
  2. Hello: I have a new PC and have installed FSX OK along with my sceneries and aircraft. One of my favourite aircraft is the PMDG JS4100 Jetstream. I can't get the flap lever to go down past flaps 9 and I can't retract flaps at all. I am using windows 7. Oddly, the flap button on my Saitek yoke works with all my other aircraft just fine. I have tried deleting the button in FSX settings and re-assigning it, but that didn't work. I hope someone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. the flap lever just jumps a bit when the flap button is pushed, like it wants to work but can't. Thank you, Bob
  3. bobcat2

    FSX Throttle

    Hi: I too had a problem with the Saitek throttle quad in that it began spiking. It was a potentiometer problem with two of the three handles. I took them apart and cleaned the pots with alcohol. It's tricky as the wiring is very delicate. I wasn't impressed with the pots. I reassembled and got one handle working good. One is still no good and the third is spiking now. I hesitate to buy another throttle from them. Has anyone ever used the "FSX Throttle" which looks quite substantial and well made. I'd like to know if it works well. If this is not the correct forum for this, my apologies to all. Bobcat2
  4. Hello: I am new to the forum thing so I may be off base by asking this here. Apologies if it's not the right forum. Anyway here is my problem: I have just installed REX Essential plus Overdrive to use with FSX. The installation was by disk as my PC had crashed and I lost my original install. The install went as it should and all was fine until I clicked on "Fly Now". All that happened was it blinked once but no FSX came on. I tried several more times and retried opening Rex again but nothing changed, I still cannot get it to start FSX.I tried starting FSX but no REX weather showed so obviously there is no communication between REX and FSX. Has anyone had this happen and does anyone have a solution?
  5. I got this add on a while ago and I amazed at the detail and the accuracy of Robert L. Stanfield Halifax International Airport (CYHZ) as well as the city and surrounding areas. Installation is straight forward. I was also awestruck by one of the smaller airports, namely Stanley, NS (CCW4). I flew out of Stanley years ago and, in fact, helped in the building of one of the hangars. The wonderful graphics and details at this airport are bang on. I highly recommend this add on, it's worth every penny and you won't be disappointed. Simaddons are good folks to deal with too.
  6. Thanks Brian, I appreciate you taking the time to answer my query so quickly. I did a lot of checking (again !!) and when I checked my FSX settings, I found that my global graphics were set to zero so I set it to dense. Whether this made a difference or not I will probably never know for sure, but voila!! I have my radio, auto pilot display windows back! Wonders never cease, as they say! I do feel somewhat inane but anyway, the problem seems to be solved. Once again many thanks and the FS2crew is a great addition to my J4100. Bob
  7. I just recently installed FS2crew for the J41. It works great and no problem with the installation. I do, however, now have a problem with other FSX aircraft ( the ones that came with FSX). The displays for the radios, auto pilot, etc., do not display any information. The switches and buttons for on/off, dialing up the various frequencies and auto pilot altitudes all work ok and their indicating lights come on. It's just that I have no displays on the items I just mentioned. It's hard to set altitude (for instance) on the auto pilot if you have no display in that window to indicate the height or ft. per minute you are trying to set. Other than that the other aircraft work OK. Has anyone ever had this problem? I am a bit stymied. Prior to installing FS2Crew everything worked normally.