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  1. dlv0190

    Help with voice recognition

    Hello, My problem is not having a different language with SAPI, my problem is not having SAPI at all in my system. I know, this takes time to sink in, over at FlightSim I also got the same suggestion first hand. My system was absent of a "Speech" folder inside System32, what I did was copy that same folder, from my laptop (Windows 7 x64 Home Edition) to my problem computer (Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Edition), and try a re-register of sapi.dll with no luck. I have Dragon NaturallySpeak in my problem computer, but I was explained that, since your software is built around the SAPI engine, having another engine installed wouldn't make it work. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I'm not currently a user of FS2Crew NGX, though I want to be, but I have an issue... Ever since I play Arma, I've been looking for speech software to control everything by voice, but I've always come to a halt when I find my Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Edition does not come with SAPI. Since FS2Crew uses this, and I don't want the button version, I tought someone might help me fix this before I purchase. I've already asked through FlightSim, no luck. I've gone through all the steps to check if I have it, I don't. Last thing I did was copy the Windows32/Speech folder from my laptop, to the problem computer, and re-register sapi.dll, no luck either. Any help would be appreciated. =) Diego Lozano Veraza