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  1. I promised to give an update after receiving and trying the reverb g2. My ipd of 73 mm was right on the edge, I had a sharp image but often had to readjust the headset to keep it sharp, but I was not disapointed in the image. But I still returned the headset.I think what is essential for a succesful hmd is: - Much lighter - a much wider field of few. 100 degrees is like looking through a tube. - It must get much easier to set and programm the aircraft systems and aircraft instruments when in VR. For example with hand tracking. - We need less hassle setting your computer to optimal settings for VR to get the best VR experience and also less hassle to switch between steam, prepar3d, your desktop and stuff like that. I totally start understanding oculus that they choose to leave pc vr for now and try to keep it more simple for now and go mobile. Pc VR is likely way too much hassle for most people at the moment and also too expensive probably. Just my opion. Although reverb g2 offers a very sharp image I think VR still needs to make some big steps before it is on a level that is really good enough, and easy and comfortable to use. Probably that is also the reason why apple didn’t release a headset yet. They wait untill they can release something that is really good enough (at least that is what I think). This time, after trying several headsets, I will wait till there is a VR set that at least has the specs above before I step into VR again.
  2. I have a large “outlier” ipd of 73 mm. I ordered the g2 because the store told me it would probably be fine due to the large sweet spot. I did not receive the headset yet. I returned other headsets before, mostly because the aircraft displays were hardly readible in those, which could be part because of my large ipd and the low resolution. Ans some were just too heavy ir unconfortable to wear. So I was very happy that the “comfortable” reverb g2 with the higher resolution was coming. Unfortunately the ipd range is only 68 mm max. I am not convinced the ipd will work for me, first i have to see it to believe it. Otherwise I will have to return it. Fingers crossed. Since I am in the top 5 percent of the ipd bandwidth, plus there are relatively not many flight simmers, it means that there are not many people in the world that can share their experience about this issue with me, I realize that. I will let you know later if it worked for me or not. If not, i guess people like me can’t use vr, unless the design will change to include larger ipd’s.
  3. I just bought a Samsung HMD Odyssey windows mixed reality (WMR) headset. The windows setup went very smooth. My pc has 16GB memory, an i5 3.4 GHZ processor overclocked to 4.3 GHZ, GTX 1080 graphics card and windows 10 latest update. I use P3D V4. I installed Steam, Steam VR and Steam for Mixed Reality. When I play using standard aircraft in VR i get stutters of the image when turning my head. When using the famous add-on aircraft from PMDG the stutters get very severe. In fact so severe that it is not playable. So apparently these give more load on the CPU/GPU than the standard aircraft. After a while the image freezes and the only option is to shut down. I lowered the graphics settings to minimum and also varied with every graphics setting but can't get much improvement. Also tried to optimize the graphic card settings which didn't help either. I turned off my processor overclocking and that didn't help either. I removed ORBX add on sceneries and Flytampa EHAM, which did not bring the solution either. I also tried it with flyinside but that latest Mixed Reality version still has issues and I got errors during start up. As a comparison: I found a driver which lets my iPhone 6S plus be recognized as a VR headset. When I play Prepar3d in VR I do not get any stutters on my iPhone display when looking around. In this case the connection with the PC is wireless or by usb, and the GTX 1080 is not even used there. But the resolution is not as good. In the past I also tried an Oculus Rift and I can say that the image quality is better in the Samsung, but not a major major difference. Text is a little more readable. Does any one have ideas to get rid of the stutter behaviour or should I wait for P3DV4 WMR support?
  4. 747-400 V3 Captain PFD (left) is not clickable after latest update of 28JUL2017 (Complete reinstall, p3DV4). Anyone know the resolution?
  5. Wow! Nice pc specs ! Which does more for driving P3D, the 5 GHZ cpu or the gtx 1080? Yes. I always find it strange that games provide options to crank up the graphics to a level that almost no computer can handle.
  6. Which graphics card do you use?
  7. I tried an Oculus Rift with P3D. I tried it in P3D itself and also using Flyinside FSX. It was a great experience except to read the displays of the aircraft (PMDG, Majestic) was impossible which was annoying. The text on displays and also next to buttons is very blurry. I have an I5 3.9 Mhz processor, 8GB RAM, and an RX480 4GB graphics card. I tried to adjust every setting but the readability did not improve. My own thoughts are that the resolution of the oculus rift is not yet high enough to be able to read the aircraft displays. Is that correct? Does anyone else have the same experience?
  8. I had P3D and all addons installed on a crucial ssd. Now, I installed a second, but much faster SSD (Samsung 950) in my computer and moved the ORBX folder, Scenery Folder and SimObjects folder to the new faster SSD. Then i created symbolic links from the original p3d folder on my existing ssd to the folders on the new SSD. I was hoping to achieve the following: 1) To create space on my existing SSD, and 2) I was hoping that the scenery would load much faster since the new SSD has much faster loading speeds. Of course number I achieved more space on my existing ssd but when starting and loading a sim session in P3D the scenery does not load any faster as before. There is actually zero difference in loading speed. So I wonder, is the reason that I created symbolic links that the scenery does not load faster, or is an M2 ssd just not faster when it comes to p3d?
  9. Hopefully they will develop Airbus aircraft also. A380 would be awesome. And A350.
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