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  1. what about my question on the terrain alerts on landing?
  2. yeah i know that but why does it keep veering off-course? regardless of whether the switch is in "norm" or "true"
  3. 1. And why when I'm approach an airport the "terrain terrain" warning sounds yet the whole landscape is flat? I have to inhibit it which is boring..... 2. When flying a polar route through 82 degrees North the aircraft deviates from its flightpath and begins turning by itself (i tried switching from "norm" to "true") it doesn't help...
  4. Hi, I've searched the world wide web on how to plan a polar air route on professional flight planner x but to no avail!! Any kind person out there who could give me step by step instructions on how to do it on PFPX and then fly it on PMDG777, and any quirks I should look out for? Thanks!!