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  1. TiiMMeY

    [Beta Preview] NGX SP1d

    Thats interesting! Thanks
  2. TiiMMeY

    [Beta Preview] NGX SP1d

    Yeah I know and I bought the T7 directly from PMDG but the NGX was my first Addon for FSX and I bought it 3 years ago in a shop. At this time I had no idea how this whole update system works. But anyways you only learn from your mistakes Thank you for your answer Tom! Cheers
  3. TiiMMeY

    [Beta Preview] NGX SP1d

    Ok thank you!I now understand this. But I`m kind of confused with roberts post. I`m a NGX DVD user and I use normal FSX does this mean I have to wait 2 month until I can get SP1D for the ngx?:(
  4. TiiMMeY

    [Beta Preview] NGX SP1d

    Sorry if I`m missing something but why can`t we just update via the OC like with the 777 updare?
  5. TiiMMeY

    [Beta Preview] NGX SP1d

    I have the NGX in the DVD version on `normal` FSX... So how (and when) do I get SP1d?
  6. Hey everyone I just want to know which aircraft are going to be the next FSFX will support with their pretty cool effects? I`d really love to the the PMDG 737NGX and Aerosoft`s Airbuses! Regards