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  1. born2beflyin

    Any luck with PhotosceneryX

    John, Please don't feel like I was pressuring you to reconsider. I didn't intend for that to be the case. If PSX suits your needs, great! If not, no harm done. I was simply trying to explain a little more about it since you seemed a little displeased with the demo: If you want some advice on how best to get up and running, just let me know. Also, I welcome any specific feedback you have about the "necessary features disabled" in the demo. Of course some of that is by design to entice an interested user to purchase the full product. However, if certain limitations detract from the usefulness of the program by causing undue frustration, then I'd like to know. Thanks, Justin
  2. born2beflyin

    Any luck with PhotosceneryX

    John, You could always just email the creator and ask for some guidance on how to use PSX effectively. :rolleyes: Feel free to let me know what questions you have, and I'll be glad to answer. Lots of people have used PSX to create photorealistic sceneries in X-Plane. The advantage PSX has over, say, the tutorials you find on, is that PSX creates a base mesh (using Method 1) where the images are "baked" onto the mesh. The tutorials that I've seen use draped polygons to overlay images on top of the base mesh, and that comes with certain performance hits (since you're drawing triangles twice where the images are located). Very large photorealistic sceneries will likely see a very significant frame rate drop when using the methods employed in these tutorials. Of course, it is possible that you have enough computing power these days to mostly overcome this degradation in performance. Honestly, I've never measured it; I simply use the method I know to be superior - baking the imagery into the mesh as opposed to the "double drawing" created when using overlays. I'm sorry your experience with the PSX demo has been more limited than you desire. Perhaps I should relax the limitations a bit. Anyway, please contact me at or post a reply here, and I'll try to help any way I can. Thanks! Justin (born2beflyin) Developer, PhotoSceneryX and ImageToolX