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  1. can anyone point me how to fix the errors when applying presets. ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\Brad Alford\Desktop\SHADERS_BACKUP\Cloud.fx not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\Brad Alford\Desktop\SHADERS_BACKUP\GPUTerrain.fx not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\Brad Alford\Desktop\SHADERS_BACKUP\FuncLibrary.fxh not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\Brad Alford\Desktop\SHADERS_BACKUP\PostProcess\HDR.hlsl not found Applying [Objects lighting] to F:\Prepar3D v4\ShadersHLSL\General.fx Applying [Tweak main config (prepar3D.cfg)] to Main config file Preset has been applied with errors. See log above Shaders cache cleared
  2. Thank you both. I will go back and look. For some reason it brought me here. Thanks again
  3. hello, I'm trying to re-install PMDG BAE Jetstream 4100 and when I put in my activation key it says exceeded number of activations. My hard drive crashed and I lost everything and trying to re-install. any advise. Brad Alford aviator750@hotmail.com
  4. Aviator750

    PMDG Customer Service

    I too have gone to their site and all leads me here. It appears they are having problems with the ticket system. It seams not very convenient. I'm frustrated. Why is the download only good for 10 days. I had it saved on my hard drive until it crashed and now have re-installed everything but this. Well This seemed to help. emailed SupportDesk@precisionmanuals.com and got an instant reply. Downloading now as i speak. Hope it Helps