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  1. For those of us who fly with Virtual Airlines (Live it would be nice to have the checklist remind me to start my flight via ACARS. lol. I can't tell you how often I get so deep into the aircraft and take off, forgetting to start ACARS. Dave
  2. Ryan - I was looking at available options. The top left corner for log in escaped my eye's. My apologies. I see it now.
  3. I just emailed the address you suggested. I am not sure how you were able to get an instant response unless it looked different from this... which is what I got. PMDG Simulations Customer, THIS IS AN AUTOMATED RESPONSE. Please read below: The email you sent with the subject "with the 737" could not be processed. The email address to which you emailed this issue does not accept email that does not correspond to an existing ticket. Please sign into your account at the PMDG Support Desk and submit the ticket directly, or be certain not to remove the original ticket number from the subject of the email before sending. PMDG Technical Support Desk I am not sure why it has to be so difficult to get some help from them. There is no "Support Desk" to submit a ticket that I can find. This is ridiculous. If they point you to THESE forums or help, someone ought to be able to help you here.
  4. Thanks Doc. I cant edit it, so I have reported myself. lol
  5. LOL... I am flying. Running the PMDG 777. Pricey airplane, but good. Wont misplace the download this time. All on an archive drive. I wish it would be policy that if you buy a new product, previous purchases would be made available. :( Thanks Stephen!
  6. I have tried... every contact and link for support only leads to the forums. There is no contact for PMDG.
  7. I had to re-install my FSX program on a new computer. My other was old and fried. I went to download my 737 from the site. My link has expired. I know this is unorthodox, but can I have access to my product? REMOVED - DO NOT POST PERSONAL ORDER INFORMATION PUBLICALLY Above is the details of my order. Thank you. Dave Steele
  8. Hey Dave... I don't have any add ons for FSX beyond my PMDG 777. This truly is a brand new install. Windows 7 x64 (no desire to use 8 yet) 24gig of ram with an core i7 chip. It's a good machine. I have tried the DX10 selection and I still get the same issue. When changing to the PLN mode from either the pilot seat or the co-pilot seat, the game crashes. As for Steve's Scenery Fixer... I haven't heard of it. But, if I get scenery add on's I will take a look.
  9. I too have switched to PLN mode and my FSX has Crashed. Win 7 x64 This happens on both pilot and co-pilot switch. Replicate it every time I try.
  10. 777 and Scan.... I have no doubt this is user error. I just dont know what I missed. I will work on getting a screen shot for a post. And the other questions... No, FSX is on the C:\FSX path. 777 Software install was done per instructions. No virus scan software running during install and even the FSX directory in the ignored state for active scans.
  11. To type all of that and then hit post it with absolutely no resolution or suggestion makes no sense.
  12. Yep. Got all of that. Route. SID and STAR. Weight and CG. Take off references. All of it. I competed the whole tutorial. I got nothing.
  13. I was looking at the tutorial... each leg has the speed and altitude the the 777 will try to achieve at each given point. It's like the Level-D 767... I can see what altitude and speed I will be at for ascent and descent. However, I am not getting that information.
  14. I have followed the tutorial to the letter and on the legs page, they do not show up. What am I doing wrong?
  15. I have followed the instruction from Tutorial #1 on the 777 booklet. MY FMC is not showing the predicted altitude after I complete the section on page 0.00.42 on the legs screen. I have even finished out the entire FMC tutorial and they never appear. I took off, Autopilot and LNAV and VNAV engaged, but no predicted Altitude. Am I missing something? Dave