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  1. LINDA is fantastic. I am running FSX on Win 7x64 and I pretty much fly the Level-D 767. I have the Saitek Multi Panel, Swtich and Radio. A few problems I am unable to overcome while using LINDA.... 1. Without simultaneously running SPAD, the display numbers wont work. 2. How do I get the the Altitude to adjust when I turn to the altitude setting and then, say. switch to Vertical Speed and have the dial adjust vertical speed setting? It seems I am limited to having the rotate knob only change one of these settings. 3. Altitude, IAS, VS and Heading... what ever I choose, numbers will not display the corresponding number with the Level-D aircraft. Say my Aircraft Altitude is set through the Aircraft console (not the panel) to 24000... the saitek panel will not reflect the changes. These issues, while minor, would really add a better level of sim experience if they could be corrected. Any thoughts?
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