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  1. Thanks all for your answers. I do now understand thats there is no way to entirely get rid of elevation issues when you have a high quality mesh like fs global 2010 even if it is working along with ftx vector. The only question now is : is it better to have elevation issues with a good mesh+ftx vector OR default mesh+ftx vector but not any elevation issues
  2. @Mephic I dont get any answer from the ORBX team after more than 1 week :/
  3. So I understand i am not the only one getting elevation issues on default airport with the combination of FTXvector and FS global 2010 "ftx version". I just dont get why Orbx said that fs global 2010 and vector should work well together if thats not the case...
  4. @Mephic I have started one but nobody gave me an answer so far. Let me know if you check the airport. Thanks !
  5. Thanks larvik but i already used AEC auto configuration tool and this doesnt help for every default airport. In fact the airport shown on my screenshot is default LSGG and it doesnt even appear in the AEC lists.
  6. Thank you both for your quick answers @pete I posted in ftx but the team never answers to forum topics. I've posted there one week ago and i have yet to have an answer @stook I shouldnt be obliged to get AFM in order not to have elevation issues. I know this product but i dont wanna spend money for it as Fs global 2010 and ftx vector should work together properly
  7. Hello, I have recently installed FS Global 2010 FTX version. I had FTX Vector working really fine before installing fs global but i wanted a more precise mesh for my fsx. After installing FS Global 2010 i made an AEC auto scan (and then applied it) and yet i saw that there were a lot of issues regarding the airports elevations as you can see in the picture below (Geneva airport). In order to make things clearly this is my scenery library in FSX: FTX AA Orbxlibs Orbx Open LC europe Cities Continents Orbx Vector OBJ Orbx Cevtor Apt Orbx Vector CVX Orbx Vector Exx Base default mesh default scenery Orbx Vector AEC FS Global 2010 Local meshes FS Global 2010 Continents. I dont have any issue when disabling fs global 2010 but i thought that this mesh should correctly work with FTX Vector. If anybody knows how i can fix this issue, I would be grateful. Thanks !