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  1. on SimMarket. is this updated already? :wub:
  2. Hi. this is my first post in here, All about us. I made up this in Japanese language a few months ago :mellow: but today, I have wanted to make English edition. so. here is! I though, this was me. and you guys! but don't worry :blink:
  3. hi :lol: now I am watching lesson3/10. so. when I watched, I realized one thing. I am Japanese who cant listen english very well. nut not too bad. if there were speaking captions or more text on video. or text book. like a script. it would be so nice. but it was impressive videos :wub:
  4. oh. I forgot one more thing for you. you missed approach into this thread, captain. this is not CAT III therad. you couldn't see my first post? it was just 3 posts before your post. by the way, it was this. you copied his checklist too? he made up nice on March 2012. I can't understand what you mean. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/366846-commands-flows-and-checklists-for-fs2crew-ngx-sp1/ and one more. your designed one was suck.
  5. do you understand "copy " meaning? have you ever seen PMDG's QRH? have you checked this thread before Dec, 2012? do you know about designe?
  6. new one. I added PMDG's checklist too. not only for FS2crew. look page 2 and 3. http://www.mediafire.com/view/1vtas7nb4i16dyf/ChecklistsAndCommand20140322a.pdf
  7. this is printed one.of course Laminating like a Airline's one.
  8. so i tired to download Checklists which was made by other guy. but I couldnt download with 4040 eror from Dropbox. so I remake it. B) here is so. Commands and Checklists for FS2CREW NGX SP1. http://www.mediafire.com/view/0i8kmiiumuqzkv6/ChecklistsAndCommand20140321c.pdf
  9. zephyrru

    about push back state

    hi, mgh. thanks. but I couldn't. may be, I used PMDG's pushing back function. anyway, I released 1st edition. thanks, man! B) http://forum.avsim.net/topic/436515-safety-video-2014-released-and-we-want-kind-of-voice-actor/
  10. Hi. about a week ago, we released FSX addon "Safety Video 2014" :mellow: of course. it's free ware. this addon make more real scene when your airplane is pushed back by tractor . and today, we released English documents for guys who can't speak Japanese language. addon's detail is here. include video. http://splitflap.azurewebsites.net/index-en.html so. now we want someone's help. that is Voice Actor. in this time, addon have Japanese girl's voice. - I apriciate her so much. - next step, we want native english speaker's voice. and german. may be. our policy is "copy right is copy right, right is right". we don't use recorded Real Aviation company's video or sound file. that is most important thing and commitment. can anyone help us? :Praying: P.S. don't say "I have real aviation voice video!" :Black Eye: regards Zephyr RU.
  11. zephyrru

    about push back state

    that mean, it is programable, but we can't check the event that is toggled by FSX?
  12. hi guys. today, I released a addon for Safety Video. http://splitflap.azurewebsites.net/ I want to ask you guys. there are a SimConnect Variables"PUSHBACK WAIT". but I could only get False when I used "push back" by FSX or PMDG. so. how can we get that valiable for "True"? I should use other way. I used EngineState(cause when you push back airplane, you boot Engines). :( Zephyr RU