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  1. BostonJeremy, try what I did ( 5 points a few posts above this one )..
  2. Thanks Rob 😀 Do you have any idea what autogen has to do with road traffic?
  3. SOLVED ( with a funny twist) I finally have the road traffic back! The way I solved it was by doing this: 1) copy my old Prepar3d.cfg and then delete the original .cfg and 2) let P3D generate a new cgf. 3) delete and replace all old XMLfiles with newly generated XML's such as LWcfg.xml but basically every xml file I could find that still had an old date 4) Copy essential stuff from my old cfg back to the newly generated cfg such as Graphics, Displays and Main ( important for my monitor polus 3 projector screens) 5. Immediately after the first start up with this new composed cfg, replace the standard F35 with my Prosim737, construct a scenario at my gate at EHAM and put road traffic slider to the right on freeways only. tada road traffic everywhere. One very strange thing: if I put autogen vegetation to zero , the road traffic disappears.. When I put it on sparse it's baxck again. I have really no idea what vegetation autogen has to do with road traffic but it works..
  4. UPDATE Found out today that it is not particularly FlyTampa EHAM that triggers yes or no road traffic around other locations. I uninstalled and then installed again various airports. This triggers the appearance or disappearance of road traffic around other locations. Same thing for just relocating to another airport and then come back to the previous location that had road traffic around before. When you come back to it, the road traffic has disappeared... What would be it that triggers the yes or no spawning of driving road traffic when (un)installing an airpoort scenery or changing location and come back again???
  5. First of all, yes my original post was about no road traffic at all, but the problem seems to be more complex. There are several things that seem to influence the spawning of driving road traffic: - the choice between highways only or all roads ( all roads> no road traffic around KSFO or KLAX for instance but yes when Freeway road traffic only is selected. - the exclusion of road traffic by third party airports like FlyTampa EHAM (installing or uninstalling has effect on road traffic in different airports like LOWI which is really strange. For example: First go to LOWI . Yes there is road traffic! Then switch location to EHAM. (FlyTampa) road traffic only on airport roads. Uninstall FlyTampa EHAM. Go back to LOWI: no road traffic anymore.... But also the other way around. So first no FlyTampa EHAM > no road traffic in LOWI. Then install Flytampa EHAM > Road Traffic in LOWI again. - I also tried this: No traffic in LOWI while simulator was on daytime but not on today's date. Then switch to Winter and system time and date > tada road traffic again... I know it's crazy.. So something is triggering the road traffic to appear or let it disappear or sometimes freeze. I realize this is a crazy story but this is the way it is.. I'm now at the point where I want to refert back to P3D 5.2 or perform a complete new and clean installation of 5.3 which is going to be a big pain the $^%ss. As I seem to be the only one with this issue I don't think it is reasonable to keep asking for your attention guys, so I am going to end this thread but I will wait for a few days if a miracle would still happen and somebody has the golden answer.. Thanks guys!
  6. Thanks Rogen. I,m still testing things. There is definately something very strange going on with road traffic. I will get back to this thread as soon as I have some more news
  7. OK, here is a link to a video I made. It appears that when you choose 'all roads' in P3D road traffic options, the road traffic freezes. When choosing Freeways only there is driving traffic on the roads. This video is above KLAX. https://youtu.be/JuCYZJDvBxI
  8. Thanks Roberto! I would like to try this but I cannot find P3D Client 5.2 for download and installation om Prepar3d website. I do have a copy off my complete P3d 5.2 installation but I cannot just install 5.2 client only.
  9. OK, here is an update again.. I copied my P3D cfg. renamed and saved it. Deleted the cfg. , restarted PC and restarted Prepar3d with a newly generated cfg. NO driving road traffic still… I’m now almost at the point to go nuclear and perform a complete new and clean installation which in my situation is going to be a big pain in the #%ss.. I still have a bit of hope that somebody may point me in the right direction. Rob Pol mentioned this file : LWcfg.xml in ... User \ name \ Appdata \ Roaming \Lockheed Martin \Prepar3D v5. I copied this file from a friend of mine ( identical size and could not see any differences ) but Prepar3d then refuses to start up with an error message that the LWcfg.xml file is not the correct file. Apparently there is some secret code in that xml that belongs to an unique P3D installation.. Anyway, my question is if somebody knows which part of the Prepar3d installation is responsible for this xml file. Is it client, content or scenery ? Any other ideas before I give up ? Thanks
  10. Hi Exeodus, as a matter of fact I did not do that, but I imported my old cfg. because of many settings in there such as viewgroups for my projectors, etc etc but you may be right that I should have done that. I can ofcourse copy some settings back to the newly generated cfg. I will definately try this and report back here. Thanks!
  11. Hi Rob, I just checked that file. It has the same size as yours ( 53.175 KB) I hope that there would be somebody who can tell me what is responsible for spawning and the movement of road traffic in Prepar3d 5.3 The thing is that I have never had such a beautiful and smooth flying experience now with 5.3HF2. I would hate to go ' nuclear' having to reinstall everything just because of the road traffic issue
  12. UPDATE: Still no road traffic... - I checked the LWcfg.xml file in ... User \ name \ Appdata \ Roaming \Lockheed Martin \ Prepar3D v5. This file seems to be in order. I compared the file with the same file of a friend and it is identical. - I uninstalled ORBX Vector for P3d5 ( again ) to exclude the possibility that this is the cause of the problem. However still no traffic. When I say ' no traffic ' I really mean no ' driving ' traffic as cars are ' frozen ' on the road. - Re-installed (repaired) P3D client, content & scenery - I checked the P3D scenery library. There is a scenery called ' Global Generic & Vehicle Libraries which had a pretty low priority and moved it up as high as possible. Does anyone kno where exacly this scenery folder should be in the library? Hopefully somebody still has an idea why I do not see any driving road traffic. Thanks Wim
  13. Ahh Roberto, 75 years but still keeping your brains very active 👍 I hope to turn 70 next June.. Grazie Mille 😀 Wim
  14. Great. Thanks Rob! May I ask you where you are located? You seem to have a Dutch name.. Cheers Wim
  15. Thanks Rob! The thing is that I really do not want to reinstall P3D or even just the Scenery and/or content folders, as I have never had such a smooth flying experioence as with the present set-up EXCEPT for the road traffic which I really miss. Sorry to hear that you had to switch it off due to stutters. Anyway do you -or anyone else- have an idea which files or folders are responsible for road traffic? Perhaps I can just replace those files somehow.. I forgot to mention one important thing I realize just now and that is that there are cars on the road but they are ' frozen '. So what is it in P3D that makes car move?? Thanks Wim
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