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  1. virago83

    Quest Kodiak

    I too, have the LHC Kodiak and love it! Based on my experiences so far, there is nothing that Carenado could do in way of creating their own Kodiak payware that would ever convince me to purchase their version. LionHeart's is just that good and Carenado's stuff? Well it does look good parked on a ramp for screenshots.
  2. virago83

    Cessna 340 Makeover V1.0

    Good day every one! I recently attempted to send a PM to Bill, asking if he could forward me a copy of his C340 mod but for u/k reason, the system kicked back a " whamil77 cannot receive messages" alert. Bit late in the game here but does anyone have a spare copy of Bill's C340 mod pack which you could forward to me via email, Dropbox or whatever? Thank you in advance for any assistance in this matter. Cheers! Bob